Hongxia Wang
Hebei Medical University
Analytical chemistryRelative species abundanceIonChemistryRadixMetabolomicsBergaptenImperatorinFragmentation (mass spectrometry)TriterpenePsoralenFuranocoumarinDietary supplementTandem mass spectrometryTraditional medicineStereochemistry
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Abstract Poria cocos (Schw.) Wolf (PCW) is a widely used traditional Chinese medicine and dietary supplement. Its four parts including Poriae Cutis (PC), Rubra Poria (RP), White Poria (WP) and Poria cum Radix Pini (PRP) have different pharmacological effects and clinical applications. It is necessary to establish analytical platforms for differentiating the chemical composition of four botanical parts for the rational utilization. We established a simultaneous qualitative and quantitative method...
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C-5-substituted and C-8-substituted furanocoumarin isomers, two important kinds of furanocoumarin, are widely documented as the main active constituents in Angelicae dahuricae radix. Due to the similar polarity and mass fragmentation pathways of such isomers, it is difficult to distinguish them using mass spectrometric methods. To address this issue, we developed a strategy employing combined full scan and product ion scan modes on an ultra high performance liquid chromatography–quadrupole time-...
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