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Abstract Observations of liquid supercooling achieved prior to solidification of rapidly quenched Si thin films as a function of quench rate are examined in terms of a numerical model for transient nucleation, which allows estimation of the kinetics for the transfer of atoms to and from crystalline clusters. The process is found to be thermally activated with an activation energy of 1.09 ± 0.05 eV/atom. This differs appreciably from previous estimates for the activation energy for planar growth ...
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Abstract The production of small (5–200 nm) spheres of silicon and germanium from their melts by electrohydrodynamic atomisation (EHD) was previously reported [1]. We have examined the formation of amorphous and crystalline phases in such spheres. Analysis of electron diffraction data reveals that the smallest spheres are amorphous, with a tetrahedrally coordinated covalent random network structure, rather than being either very fine grained polycrystals or configurationally frozen metallic liqu...
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Nous examinons la formation de phases amorphe et cristallisee dans ces spheres. L'analyse des resultats obtenus par diffraction electronique revele que les spheres les plus petites sont amorphes, avec un reseau desordonne covalent a coordination tetraedrique, et qu'ils ne constituent pas une structure polycristalline a grains tres fins ou une structure de liquide metallique a configuration gelee. On analyse la formation de phases semi-conductrices amorphes et cristallisees par la theorie de la g...
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