Anantdeep Kaur
Wireless networkSteganographyEngineeringDigital watermarkingBlock (data storage)Artificial intelligenceNeuRFonWatermarkScramblingNetwork architectureNetwork topologyWireless sensor networkContext (language use)Computer networkComputer visionComputer scienceEmbeddingDigital imageMultimediaBluetoothWirelessBody area network
Publications 2
Digital Communication has increasing now. In the context of multimedia communication, digital images and videos have numerous applications in entertainment world like TV channel broadcasting. The rapid evolution of digital technology makes the development of reliable and robust schemes for protecting digital images, audio, text and video from piracy. In this work we have presented a watermarking technique in which watermark can be chosen from host image itself and can be embedded in it by scramb...
: Recently, there has been increasing interest from researchers, system designers, and application developers on a new type of network architecture generally known as Wireless Body Area Net-work (WBAN). A WBAN is a collection of low-power, miniaturized, lightweight wireless sensor nodes that continuously monitor human’s physiological activities and actions, such as health status and motion patterns. The real time vital signals are transmit-ted to a nearby body node coordinator (BNC) via ultra-lo...
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