Zhi Xue Wu
Yangzhou University
Crack growth resistance curveMathematical analysisPlanarInverse problemMaterials scienceFinite thicknessStress concentrationCrack tip opening displacementStress intensity factorStructural engineeringCrack closure
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#1Zhi Xue Wu (YZU: Yangzhou University)H-Index: 1
There is an inherent relationship between the shape and the corresponding stress intensity factor (SIF) distribution of a crack. A typical inverse problem of linear elastic fracture mechanics about a crack, i.e. to predict the shape of a crack assuming that some information of SIF distribution is known, is presented. A finite-element based numerical procedure is used to determine the shape, correspondingly the SIF, of a mode-I planar crack based on a specified SIF distribution. The crack front i...
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