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Abstract null null The advent of smart grid technologies due to the explosive increase in the electricity demand, has necessitated utilities around the globe in establishing intelligent demand response programs (DRPs) to influence customers' consumption patterns. The successful implementation of DRPs together with dynamic pricing strategies not only reduces energy prices in electricity markets but also improves network reliability and overall system efficiency. This study proposes a game theory-...
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Mineralization of carbon (C) is a burning issue that is regulated by soil attributes. It has direct impacts on crop productivity and quantification of organic residues addition in soil. For better understanding and achievement of potential tillage benefits, a comprehensive scientific understanding of C mineralization is very important. Therefore, a laboratory incubation experiment was conducted to investigate the C mineralization rates and kinetics of crop residues (rice and maize) when applied ...
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Excessive application of nitrogenous fertilizers has deteriorated the sustainable development of the earth's environment. Many researches focused on reducing the nitrogen (N) rate, but few studies concentrated on the stability of yield and nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) of different rice cultivars. We screened different rice genotypes (Super hybrid rice, Ordinary hybrid rice, and Commercial indica) under various N application rate (60, 120 kg N ha−1in 2012 and 0, 120 and 210 kg N ha−1 in 2013). G...
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Liquid-liquid extraction and solid phase extraction followed by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) connected with ultraviolet (UV) detection were used for the determination of phytohormones. The parameters influencing the performance of the HPLC-UV method, including composition of the mobile phase for gradient elution, column temperature, flow rate, and detection wavelength, were optimized. This method can simultaneously determine 11 phytohormones, including nine cytokinins, indole-3-...
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Nitrogen (N) losses are prevalent under South East Asia’s due to high N fertilizer inputs, but low N fertilizer use efficiency. This leaves a large quantity of reactive N at risk of loss to the environment. Biochar has been found to reduce N losses across a variety of soil types, however, there is limited data available for semi-arid climates, particularly at a field-scale. Herein we present an exploration of the biological and chemical enhancement effects observed of a cotton stalk-based biocha...
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