Lawrence Jun Zhang
PerplexityMainland ChinaNarrative inquiryFeelingMathematics educationPsychologyProject commissioningQualitative researchPedagogyNarrativePerceptionQuality (business)Process (engineering)Professional developmentLiteracySustainable developmentFocus groupThematic analysisCommunicative language teaching
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In order to promote the sustainable development of students’ learning capabilities, students are expected to take an active role in the feedback process. Ideally, students should not only actively interpret and act on the feedback received from their teachers, but they should also serve as feedback generators for their peers and themselves. Our study aimed to explore Chinese university English-as-a-Foreign-Language (EFL) students’ perceptions of the feedback practices in their classrooms and the...
Teaching as a profession is unique in that all the people who enter the profession have had extensive experience of it, which was built up over many years in classrooms as students. However, the pre-existing set of beliefs about teaching and learning, which were based on, and reinforced by, their own experiences, might cause perplexity for teachers who work in different cultural contexts. How to balance pedagogical principles becomes one of the important considerations for these teachers when fa...
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