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Currently, several mite growth culture media used in the production of allergenic extracts contain animal-derived components that limit their use in diagnostic and/or therapeutic applications. The aim of this study was to evaluate the growth of D. pteronyssinus and D. farinae mites in a semi-synthetic medium without animal-derived proteins to produce highly reproducible allergenic extracts for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes to be more consistent with the regulations of health authorities. B...
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Desmoplastic tumors correspond to a unique tissue structure characterized by the abnormal deposition of extracellular matrix. Breast tumors are a typical example of this type of lesion, a property that allows its palpation and early detection. Fibrillar type I collagen is a major component of tumor desmoplasia and its accumulation is causally linked to tumor cell survival and metastasis. For many years, the desmoplastic phenomenon was considered to be a reaction and response of the host tissue a...
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OBJECTIVES: Myofibroblasts constitute a specific cell phenotype involved in connective tissue healing. Diabetes alters the wound healing response. However, it is not clear whether diabetes modifies the involvement of myofibroblasts in periodontal wounds. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Type I diabetes was induced in rats through streptozotocin injection and periodontal wounds were performed. Wound healing was evaluated histologically at 2, 5, 7 and 15 days by measuring epithelial migration, neutrophil inf...
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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Aging is characterized by a decline in tissue structure and function that may be explained by the development of cellular senescence. However, the acquisition of specific phenotypic responses in senescent gingival fibroblasts is still poorly understood. Here, we have analyzed whether proliferation of primary cultures of human gingival fibroblasts may affect different cell functions relevant to cellular senescence and tissue deterioration. METHODS: Human gingival fibrobl...
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Abstract Background Conflicting data exists whether non-oncologic index cholecystectomy (IC) leading to discovery of incidental gallbladder cancer (IGBC) negatively impacts survival. This study aimed to determine whether a subgroup of patients derives a disadvantage from IC. Methods Patients with IGBC and non-IGBC treated at an academic USA and Chilean center during 1999–2016 were compared. Patients with T1, T4 tumor or preoperative jaundice were excluded. T2 disease was classified into T2a (per...
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After injury to periodontal tissues a healing response is initiated that includes a series of sequential phases, which enable wound closure and partial restoration of tissue structure and function. Wound closure in periodontal tissues involves the tightly regulated coordination of resident cells in epithelial and connective tissue compartments. Multiple cell populations in these compartments synergize their metabolic activities to re-establish a mucosal seal that involves the underlying periodon...
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In this work we present a method for the computation of numerical solutions of 2D homogeneous isotropic elastodynamics equations by solving scalar wave equations. These equations act on the potentials of a Helmholtz decomposition of the displacement field and are decoupled inside the propagation domain. We detail how these equations are coupled at the boundary depending on the nature of the boundary condition satisfied by the displacement field. After presenting the case of rigid boundary condit...
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We present Reverberation Mapping (RM) results for 17 high-redshift, high-luminosity quasars with good quality R-band and emission line light curves. We are able to measure statistically significant lags for Ly_alpha (11 objects), SiIV (5 objects), CIV (11 objects), and CIII] (2 objects). Using our results and previous lag determinations taken from the literature, we present an updated CIV radius--luminosity relation and provide for the first time radius--luminosity relations for Ly_alpha, SiIV a...
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