Sucheta Mapari
Internet privacyThe InternetEngineeringMobile deviceAssisted GPSSmart cityMobile phoneGrievanceDownloadComplaintMunicipal corporationComputer securityAndroid (operating system)Global Positioning System
Publications 2
: Complaint registrations for government bodies that is EB, PWD, etc . are offline, which are on SMS based system. Even reporting some of the difficulties to Government departments have ended up in the manual letter writing at specific timing. But a mechanism to accept complaints from citizens is not 24 × 7. Now a day’s number of people using mobile phones is increasing, it has become a need for users to provide on their mobiles, all facilities one is been utilizing on the internet. The proposed...
Citizens of our country face social problems like street damage, street cleaning, garbage bin overflowing, light post damage, water outage and traffic etc. They resort to the one of the several ways provided by the government to file their complaints with advancements in technology, the complaint registration systems have evolved in different ways to simplify the task of registering as well as addressing the complaints. This research paper presents the architecture of a GPS based Complaint Redre...
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