Agatino Mursia
Decision support systemArchitectureEngineeringNetwork simulationTactical communicationsCountermeasureResilience (network)SoftwareBattlefieldHigh-level architectureCyberspaceConcept developmentGraphical user interfaceService (systems architecture)Computer securityComputer scienceAutonomous system (Internet)Software-defined networkingUser interface
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#2Girolamo Catania (Leonardo)
Last. Andrea Viola (University of Catania)
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The Cyber Security Simulation Service (CSSS) is a platform that provides a simulation environment modeling the impact of cyber attacks and related countermeasure in tactical networks exploiting the software defined networking (SDN) paradigm. CSSS integrates a generator of tactical scenarios, a network simulator, a graphical user interface, and a real SDN controller. The scenario generator, network simulator and user interface interact with each others exploiting a NATO standard called High Level...
#1Marco Biagini (NATO)H-Index: 2
#2Sonia Forconi (NATO)H-Index: 2
Last. Ferdinando BattiatiH-Index: 1
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In the framework of the modern tactical scenarios and the increasing employment of Unmanned Autonomous Systems UAxS in multi-battlespace domains land, naval, air and cyberspace, the threats to the communications and networks available among the units on the battlefield are becoming ever more challenging. It thus becomes crucial to protect communications and networking of these systems from possible hostile actions aimed at jeopardizing mission execution in the Cyberspace. This paper is focused o...
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