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Compression therapy and treating venous insufficiency is the standard of care for venous leg ulcers. The need for debridement on healing venous leg ulcers is still debated. Dressings are often used under compression bandages to promote faster healing and prevent adherence of the bandage to the ulcer. A wide range of dressings is available, including modern dressings with different kinds of biological activity. Microbial burden is believed to underlie delayed healing, but the exact role of microb...
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Impaired wound healing is the result of the interplay between patient-related factors, wound-related factors, skill and knowledge of the healthcare professional and resources and treatment-related factors. The study of wound-related factors learns us that healing is a very complex biologic process. Both ‘seed’ (differentiated and stem cells) and ‘soil’ (e.g. cytokines/chemokines, growth factors, matrix components) are essential for effective wound healing. Tissue engineering for chronic wounds h...
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