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Introduction: The Papanicolaou Society of Cytopathology (PSC) has developed a set of guidelines for reporting respiratory cytology. While the malignancy risk for each category is known, the interobserver reproducibility of these diagnostic categories has not been well described. Methods: Fifty-five cytologic specimens obtained by fine needle aspiration from the pulmonary nodules were independently reviewed by four board-certified cytopathologists and assigned to the diagnostic categories describ...
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Abstract Sclerosing mediastinitis (SM) is an aggressive fibroproliferative process in the mediastinum that may lead to encasement of mediastinal structures within a dense fibrotic mass. This disease may cause significant clinical complications, morbidity, and even mortality. The etiology and pathogenesis of SM is unclear and in more than one third of cases remains idiopathic. Among the known causes of SM, granulomatous infection is the commonest. Association of SM with radiation therapy has been...
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BACKGROUND Pericardial effusions can cause considerable morbidity and potentially may lead to mortality. Malignant pericardial effusions are uncommon, and data on malignancies encountered in pericardial effusion cytology specimens are limited. METHODS Relevant records of all pericardial effusions from January 2008 to September 2014 were examined and compared with pericardial biopsy results when performed. Discrepant cases were reviewed to determine the cause of the disagreement. RESULTS In total...
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Background Lymphatic vessel density (LVD) has been shown to be an important predictor of survival in head and neck cancers. We report the predictive value of LVD for progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS) in laryngeal/hypopharyngeal cancer. Methods Fifty-five untreated patients with T3/T4 laryngeal and T4 hypopharyngeal cancer underwent laryngectomy between 1999 and 2010. Surgical specimens were immunostained with D2-40, a specific lymphatic marker. LVDs were determined in tum...
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Objective: MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are known to play important roles in the diagnosis and prognosis of papillary thyroid cancer (PTC), and they are useful in developing targeted therapies. However, there have been no studies on the existence of racial differences in miRNAs expression that could explain differential overall survival of PTC patients. Expression analysis of miRNAs in major racial groups would be important for optimizing personalized treatment strategies. In the current study, we assesse...
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Pancreatic tumors are mostly primary tumors, with only rare metastatic tumors described in the literature. Here we report an unusual case of fine-needle aspiration (FNA) diagnosis of high grade adenoid cystic carcinoma of the parotid gland metastatic to the pancreas. The aspirate smears were moderately cellular and revealed numerous basaloid neoplastic cells. The cytomorphologic differential diagnosis included primary pancreatic tumor with small cell morphology as well as metastatic tumors. By i...
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