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Background The aim of breast conserving surgery (BCS) is to excise the cancer with clear margins whilst at the same time leaving a good or excellent cosmetic result. A significant percentage of women, who have large cancers or have limited breast volumes, achieve poor cosmetic outcomes. BCS with immediate volume replacement using lipofilling or autologous fat transfer is a new technique. The aim of this study was to evaluate the cosmetic outcomes of a pilot study of patients having BCS and immed...
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Purpose of Review Pre-operative endocrine therapy can be used to down-stage large or locally advanced breast cancers in ER+ disease. In the last four decades, it has evolved from a treatment perceived as an alternative to surgery for those too unfit to undergo surgery or chemotherapy, to the present day where it is a valuable and valid option in the treatment of postmenopausal women with ER-rich (Allred score 7–8, or > 50% staining for ER) breast cancer.
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33rd Miami Breast Cancer Conference, 10–13 March 2016, FL, USA Now in its 33rd year, over 1000 medical, surgical and radiation oncologists and other breast cancer care providers gather at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach for the annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference. Here, a vast array of topics is presented in their usual format of 15 min per talk, enabling the clinician to keep updated in the rapidly changing developments of breast cancer management. Program Chair, Patrick Borgen, along with prog...
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Background Brachial Basilic (BB) fistulae are a form of vascular access for patients requiring dialysis. They are indicated when the cephalic vein is unsuitable for use. This fistula can be created with either a single stage or a two stage procedure. We aimed to compare the two techniques. Methods 73 BB fistulae (29 single and 44 two-stage) were created over a 5-year period (2003–2008). Data including sex, age, dialysis and diabetic status was collected from the case notes. Patency and time to m...
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#### Summary points A cohort study of American women reported that 10% of women who breast feed have mastitis,1 and a recent Cochrane review reported the incidence to be as high as 33%.2 Breast abscesses are seen less often, but when they do develop delays in referral to a specialist surgeon may occur. A recent survey in the United Kingdom found that many surgical units have no clear protocols for managing patients with breast infection who are referred to hospital.3 Some surgeons aspirate breas...
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