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Macrophages are a primary immune cell involved in inflammation, and their cell plasticity allows for transition from an inflammatory to a reparative phenotype and is critical for normal tissue repair following injury. Evidence suggests that epigenetic alterations play a critical role in establishing macrophage phenotype and function during normal and pathologic wound repair. Here, we find in human and murine wound macrophages that cyclooxygenase 2/prostaglandin E2 (COX-2/PGE2) is elevated in dia...
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Islet encapsulation devices can induce a Foreign Body Response (FBR) and the formation of a dense avascular fibrotic capsule. This FBR is heightened when the device has a smooth surface as fibrous tissue is unable to adhere, instigating a substantial immunological reaction, islet death and ultimately implant failure. In this study, we examine whether additive manufactured multiscale porous devices promote optimal tissue integration and vascularisation for long-term functional islet encapsulation...
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Regenerative medicine approaches, specifically stem cell technologies, have demonstrated significant potential to treat a diverse array of pathologies. However, such approaches have resulted in a modest clinical benefit, which may be attributed to poor cell retention/survival at the disease site. A delivery system that facilitates regional and repeated delivery to target tissues can provide enhanced clinical efficacy of cell therapies when localized delivery of high doses of cells is required. I...
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Control of inflammation is critical for the treatment of nonhealing wounds, but a delicate balance exists between early inflammation that is essential for normal tissue repair and the pathologic inflammation that can occur later in the repair process. This necessitates the development of novel therapies that can target inflammation at the appropriate time during repair. Here, we found that SIRT3 is essential for normal healing and regulates inflammation in wound macrophages after injury. Under p...
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Summary Macrophage plasticity is critical for normal tissue repair to ensure transition from the inflammatory to the proliferative phase of healing. We examined macrophages isolated from wounds of patients afflicted with diabetes and of healthy controls and found differential expression of the methyltransferase Setdb2. Myeloid-specific deletion of Setdb2 impaired the transition of macrophages from an inflammatory phenotype to a reparative one in normal wound healing. Mechanistically, Setdb2 trim...
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