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With the great change in the labor market and contemporary education, a high consideration is paid for the issue of graduates’ employability and their earning. However, educational institutes and universities have different polices for preparing graduates to compete strongly in the labor market based on their academic skills and experience. This paper aims at (1) predicting the earnings of alumni for six years after graduation, and (2) identifying the most important factors that directly affec...
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#1Eman S. Al-Shamery (College of Information Technology)H-Index: 1
#1Eman S. Al-Shamery (College of Information Technology)
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درسنا في هذا البحث اختيار الصفات بالاعتماد على نهج جديد من خوارزمية مجموعة التقريب حيث تعتمد هذه الطريقة على اختيار الصفات الأكثر تاثيرا. لجئنا الى انتقاء الصفات اختصارا للوقت , وجود الصفة تؤثر على دقة النتائج او قد تكون الصفة غير متوفرة . تم تطبيق الخوارزمية على بيانات امراض القلب لاختيار افضل الصفات المؤثرة. ان المشكلة الرئيسية هو كيفية تشخيص الإصابة فيما لو كان مصاب بمرض القلب من عدمه.هذه المشكلة تمثل تحدي لان لا نسطيع اتخاذ القرار بصورة مباشرة. تعتمد الطريقة المقترحة على ترميز البيانات الاصل...
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#1Eman S. Al-Shamery (University of Babylon)H-Index: 1
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The simplest description of a plagiarism is either a 'copy and paste' for a text even if the source was cited or a change in some words by taking the meaning without citing the source, where determining the meaning is the hardest and most complex task. Plagiarism can be seen as one of the cybercrime, similar to (computer viruses, computer hacking, spamming and the violation of copyrights), therefore, this subject has been interesting because it has become an important part of the ethics of scien...
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