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Defining protein complexes in the cell is important for learning about cellular processes mechanisms as they perform many of the molecular functions in these processes. Most of the proposed algorithms predict a complex as a dense area in a Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI) network. Others, on the other hand, weight the network using gene expression or geneontology (GO). These approaches, however, eliminate the proteins and their edges that offer no gene expression data. This can lead to the loss...
Election is an important event in all countries Conventional voting suffers many issues, such as cost of time and efforts needed for tallying and counting results, cost in papers, arrangements and all that it takes for a voting process to be achieved Many countries such as Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Estonia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Namibia, the Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Switzerland, the UK, Venezuela and the Philippines considered online e-voting systems, but the traditional e-v...
The competition between scientific institutions is increased every day. Every institution tends to improve its reputation by producing and publishing high-quality scientific research. Clustering and evaluating the educational institutions are important for professors, policymakers, as well as students. This research aims to develop a Jarvis-Patrick algorithm for scientific institutions clustering, which is one of the graph-based techniques. It suffers from the problem of a large number of cluste...
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Communication by email is counted as a popular manner through which users can exchange information. The email could be abused by spammers to spread suspicious content to the Internet users. Thus, the need to an effective way to detect spam emails are becoming clear to keep this information safe from malicious access. Many methods have been developed to address such a problem. In this paper, a machine learning technique is applied to detect spam emails. In this technique, a detection system based...
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Customer churn prediction models aim to indicate the customers with the high tendency to churn, allowing for improved efficiency of customer retention operations and reduced costs associated with the attrite event. This paper proposed a data mining model to predict churn customers using Call Detail Records (CDR) data in the Telcom industry. CDR data are valuable for understanding the social connectivity between customers through call, message or chat graph but do not immediately provide the stre...
A major and demanding issue in the telecommunications industry is the prediction of churn customers. Churn describes the customer who is attrite from one Telecom service provider to competitors searching for better services offers. Companies from the Telco sector frequently have customer relationship management offices it is the main objective in how to win back defecting clients because preserve long-term customers can be much more beneficial to a company than gain newly recruited customers. Re...
Complex networks provide means to represent different kinds of networks with multiple features. Most biological, sensor and social networks can be represented as a graph depending on the pattern of connections among their elements. The goal of the graph clustering is to divide a large graph into many clusters based on various similarity criteria’s. Political blogs as standard social dataset network, in which it can be considered as blog-blog connection, where each node has political learning bes...