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Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys
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In this work, we have investigated microstructural changes in steel 10Kh9V2MFBR (analog of P02 steel) after long-term creep tests at a temperature of 600°C under an initial stress of 137 MPa. Time to rupture was found to be more than 40000 h. It has been established that, in the zone of grips and in the neck region of the sample, the size of the particles of the M 23C6 carbides increases from 85 nm to 152 nm and 182 nm, respectively. In addition, large particles of the Laves phase with an averag...
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The results of studying the influence of the heat treatment conditions on the structure and properties of new nanostructured steel with 8–10% Cr designed for heat power units with supercritical parameters are presented.
The creep resistance of 9% chromium high temperature steels is determined by the alloy content and structure resulting from heat treatment. This paper describes the analysis of the phase composition using CALPHAD numerical modelling methods, of known modifications of 9% high temperature chromium steel: 9Cr–0?1C, 0?9Mo, 0?21V, 0?1Nb, 0?04N (P91) and 9Cr–0?1C, 2W, 0?5Mo, 0?21V, 005Nb, 0?05N, 0?005B (P92). The effect of alloying elements on the phase composition of the steel and the mutual effect o...
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