Peter L. Swanson
Crack growth resistance curveCatastrophic failureGeologyBrittlenessCrystalliteComposite materialFlexural strengthGeotechnical engineeringMaterials scienceComminutionFracture in polymersStrain energy release rateFracture (geology)Fracture mechanicsMicrostructureFracture toughnessRock mechanics
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A zone of distributed microcracking is often suggested to accompany tensile macrocrack propagation in rocks and ceramics. The microcracking is said to be largely responsible for (1) high values of fracture energy, (2) increasing resistance to fracture with crack extension and (3) the dependence of fracture mechanics data on the experimental setup. In the present paper, the material breakdown processes in imperfectly elastic Westerly granite are investigated using ultrasonic wave probing and in s...
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Stable crack growth strongly influences both the fracture strength of brittle rocks and some of the phenomena precursory to catastrophic failure. Quantification of the time and environment dependence of fracture propagation is attempted with the use of a fracture mechanics technique. Some of the difficulties encountered when applying techniques originally developed for simple synthetic materials to complex materials like rocks are examined. A picture of subcritical fracture propagation is develo...
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