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Objectives: To examine whether the model of Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) could be relevant to the surveillance of non-operated vestibular schwannomas (vs) by testing the following hypotheses...
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Background Low-grade glioma (LGG) is a slow-growing tumor often found in young adults with minimal or no symptoms. As opposed to true low-grade lesions such as dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumors, they are associated with continuous growth and inevitable malignant transformation. Methods Case series of patients who have had en bloc resection of LGG with foci of anaplasia found embedded within the tumor specimen and not at margins. Patients were offered and agreed to a conservative approach a...
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Abstract Purpose A review of all published evidence for mapping eloquent (motor, language and memory) cortex using advanced functional neuroimaging (functional magnetic resonance imaging [fMRI] and magnetoencephalography [MEG]) for paediatric epilepsy surgery candidates has not been conducted previously. Research in this area has predominantly been in adult populations and applicability of these techniques to paediatric populations is less established. Methods A review was performed using an adv...
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Poster: "ECR 2017 / C-1356 / Radiological Findings in Brainstem Infarction Syndromes." by: "J. L. Nix, I. Craven, S. Currie, J. Macmullen-Price, D. J. Warren, H. Nejadhamzeeigilani, T. Buende Tchokouako; Leeds/UK"
Poster: "ECR 2017 / C-2059 / Non-syndromic craniosynostosis – the journey from diagnosis to surgery and beyond" by: "H. Nejadhamzeeigilani, T. Buende Tchokouako, D. Shastin, S. Currie, I. Craven, D. J. Warren, M. Liddington, J. Russell, P. Chumas, J. Macmullen-Price; Leeds/UK"
Last. Stuart CurrieH-Index: 13
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Poster: "ECR 2017 / C-2264 / Neurosarcoidosis: A pictorial review." by: "T. Buende Tchokouako, H. Nejadhamzeeigilani, J. L. Nix, I. Craven, D. J. Warren, J. Macmullen-Price, S. Currie; Leeds/UK"
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Poster: "ECR 2016 / C-1725 / Trigeminal nerve: What the radiologist should know" by: "H. Nejadhamzeeigilani, T. Buende Tchokouako, J. Macmullen-Price, I. Craven, D. J. Warren, S. Currie; Leeds/UK"