Premkumar Thodi
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Municipal water distribution systems in Canada and other countries include a large number of cast iron pipes that were installed almost 50 years ago. For structural integrity assessment of these pi...
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Recovering heavy oil spilled in a harsh environment is challenging especially when dealing with cold marine environments, where sea ice or high sea states are present. The current technology is based on removing oil from the water surface, meanwhile a significant amount of oil particles could remain in the water column due to turbulent ocean conditions and the density of heavy oil. Therefore, in order to enhance the mechanical recovery of heavy oil, capturing oil particles dispersed in the water...
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Unexpected pipe breaks in municipal water distribution systems may cause isolation of parts of the network or reduction of redundancy, leading to reduced system reliability. While a network with less redundancy implies less tolerance to further breaks, the isolation of nodes explicitly indicates unavailability of the system to service the nodes. This paper presents a method of measuring these topological changes using algebraic connectivity ( AC ). AC is a parameter that can be used to assess ro...
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Abstract Failure of pipeline is often caused by corrosion. It affects the health, safety, environment and economy considerably. To prevent pipeline failure, it is necessary to focus on the corrosion and pressure of the structures. Burst pressure is a key factor to assess the integrity of a pipeline. There are three means to determine burst pressure. These are lab testing, evaluation criteria and the Finite Element Method (FEM) modeling. However, the results of the burst pressure assessment using...
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Pipeline corrosion is one of the main causes of subsea pipeline failure. It is necessary to monitor and analyze pipeline condition to effectively predict likely failure. This paper presents an approach to analyze the observed abnormal events to assess the condition of subsea pipelines. First, it focuses on establishing a systematic corrosion failure model by Bow-Tie (BT) analysis, and subsequently the BT model is mapped into a Bayesian Network (BN) model. The BN model facilitates the modelling o...
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Process system integrity is defined as the ability of the system to safely resist the subjected load and perform as desired. Early 2000, risk-based asset integrity management was proposed, which is currently practiced. In risk-based integrity management, system integrity is intermittently assessed and maintained throughout the design life. The recommended integrity inspection and maintenance interval are determined considering vulnerability of the system and resource availability. It may vary fr...
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F AILURE OF LEAK DETECTION SYSTEM to detect hydrocarbon releases from an offshore pipeline can have devastating effects on operation and environment. Moreover, the failure consequences may bring about excessive financial losses and could threaten the survivability of the operating company in the market. This paper provides a risk-based assessment methodology to assess the reliability and the level of risk for offshore pipelines and their leak detection systems. The assessment outcome is compared...
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