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#1Masahiro Tahara (University of Occupational and Environmental Health Japan)H-Index: 2
#2Yoshihisa Fujino (University of Occupational and Environmental Health Japan)H-Index: 32
Last. Kazuhiro Yatera (University of Occupational and Environmental Health Japan)H-Index: 19
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BACKGROUND Short-term exposure to ozone and nitrogen dioxide is a risk factor for acute exacerbation (AE) of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (AE-IPF). The comprehensive roles of exposure to fine particulate matter in AE-IPF remain unclear. We aim to investigate the association of short-term exposure to fine particulate matter with the incidence of AE-IPF and to determine the exposure-risk time window during 3 months before the diagnosis of AE-IPF. METHODS IPF patients were retrospectively identifi...
#1Junya Tominaga (Tohoku University)H-Index: 9
#3Tae IwasawaH-Index: 20
Last. Junya Fukuoka (Nagasaki University)H-Index: 37
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PURPOSE To evaluate computed tomography (CT) findings of nonspecific interstitial pneumonia (NSIP) based on the current classification of idiopathic interstitial pneumonias (IIPs) and elucidate a characteristic of previously diagnosed NSIP excluded from the current classification. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study included 74 patients with biopsy-proven NSIP (idiopathic NSIP [I-NSIP], 39 patients; NSIP associated with connective tissue disease [CTD-NSIP], 35 patients). Among patients who were comp...
#1Shohei Yoshiya (Kyushu University)H-Index: 13
#2Shinji Itoh (Kyushu University)H-Index: 22
Last. Masaki Mori (Kyushu University)H-Index: 90
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#1Midori Akagi (Nagasaki University)
#2Masataka Umeda (Nagasaki University)H-Index: 16
Last. Atsushi Kawakami (Nagasaki University)H-Index: 44
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A 54-year-old woman developed drop head syndrome (DHS), Raynaud's phenomenon and creatine kinase (CK) elevation. She did not meet the international classification criteria of dermatomyositis/polymyositis, as we observed no muscle weakness, grasping pain or electromyography abnormality in her limbs, and anti-aminoacyl tRNA synthetase (ARS) antibody was negative. Cervical magnetic resonance imaging and a muscle biopsy of the trapezius muscle revealed myositis findings as the only clinical observat...
#1Shiho Toyama (Nagasaki University)
#2Ayuko Takatani (Nagasaki University)H-Index: 9
Last. Atsushi Kawakami (Nagasaki University)H-Index: 44
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A 71-year-old woman being treated with methotrexate (MTX) and tacrolimus (TAC) for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) was admitted to our hospital and underwent surgery for gastric perforation and peritonitis. An endoscopic examination six days post-surgery showed an extensive ulcer in the stomach, and a biopsy revealed diffused large B-cell lymphoma. We diagnosed her with immunodeficiency-associated lymphoproliferative disorder (LPD) and discontinued the MTX and TAC. She underwent gastrectomy due to ste...
#1Yuichi Yamada (Kyushu University)H-Index: 15
#2Kenichi Kohashi (Kyushu University)H-Index: 25
Last. Yoshinao Oda (Kyushu University)H-Index: 53
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Solitary fibrous tumor (SFT) is a soft-tissue neoplasm of intermediate malignant potential, presenting a wide histopathological spectrum. Poorer prognosis of hemangiopericytoma of the central nervous system (CNS), hypoglycemic SFT, and dedifferentiation are well-known characters of SFT, but their clinical significance were not demonstrated enough by large-sized study. Here, the clinicopathological features of SFTs are reviewed and the relationship between genetics and clinicopathological feature...
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#1Yuri Tachibana (Nagasaki University)H-Index: 3
#2Hiroyuki TaniguchiH-Index: 39
Last. Junya Fukuoka (Nagasaki University)H-Index: 37
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Abstract Background Pulmonary interstitial emphysema is a rare, abnormal condition in which air pressure from the alveolar airspace tears the adjacent interstitial tissues of the lung and causes the formation of cystic spaces. Pulmonary interstitial emphysema is a known indication for mechanical ventilation in premature infants with neonatal respiratory distress syndrome, and it can be observed in various types of interstitial lung disease. Nevertheless, its pathogenesis and clinical impact rema...
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#1Noriyuki Enomoto (Hamamatsu University)H-Index: 25
#2Ryoko Egashira (Saga University)H-Index: 17
Last. Takafumi Suda (Hamamatsu University)H-Index: 44
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Thoracic diseases in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), especially interstitial pneumonia (SLE-IP), are rare and have been poorly studied. The aims of this multicentre study were to evaluate SLE-IP and elucidate its clinical characteristics and prognosis. Fifty-five patients with SLE-IP who had attended the respiratory departments of participating hospitals were retrospectively evaluated in this multicentre study. Clinical information, high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT), a...
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#1Tomoyuki Fujisawa (Hamamatsu University)H-Index: 25
#2Kazutaka Mori (Hamamatsu University)H-Index: 13
Last. Takafumi Suda (Hamamatsu University)H-Index: 44
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Multidisciplinary discussion (MDD) requiring close communication between specialists (clinicians, radiologists, and pathologists) is the gold standard for the diagnosis of idiopathic interstitial pneumonias (IIPs). However, MDD by specialists is not always feasible because they are often separated by time and location. An online database would facilitate data sharing and MDD. Our aims were to develop a nationwide cloud-based integrated database containing the clinical, radiologic, and pathologic...
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#1Tomoyuki Fujisawa (Hamamatsu University)H-Index: 25
#2Kazutaka Mori (Hamamatsu University)H-Index: 13
Last. Takahumi Suda (Hamamatsu University School of Medicine)H-Index: 5
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