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#1Pavel Stoev (National Museum of Natural History)H-Index: 15
The collection of the Mus um National d Histoire Naturelle, Paris (France) houses 16 species of scutigeromorph centipedes belonging to 10 genera of all the three hitherto known families. Two new combinations and two new synonymies are proposed: Tachythereua hispanica (Meinert, 1886) = Tachythereua maroccana var. spinosa Ribaut, 1911 New Synonym; Thereuonema microstoma (Meinert, 1886) New Combination = Thereuonema syriaca Verhoeff, 1905 New Synonym; Pselliodes rugosus (Newport, 1844) New Combinat...
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#1Pavel Stoev (National Museum of Natural History)H-Index: 15
The family Paracortinidae Wang & Zhang 1993, comprising eleven species from southern China as well as Vietnam, is reviewed. Two new cave-dwelling species, Paracortina chinensis sp. n., from Yunnan Province, China, and P. multisegmentata sp. n., from Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam, are described. The new discoveries permit a reconsideration of some characters applied in the systematics of the family. The monotypic genus Scotopetalum Shear 2000, with S. warreni Shear 2000, so far known only from two ...
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#1Eleonora Trajano (USP: University of São Paulo)H-Index: 22
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Redescription, classification, distribution and morphological variations between populations of a cave-dwelling millipede from south-east Brazil (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Chelodesmidae). The cave-dwelling polydesmid millipede Alocodesmus yporangae Schubart, 1946, from southeastern Brazil, is redescribed and its systematic position is discussed. A new monospecific genus Leodesmus Mauries & Geoffroy is created [type species: Alocodesmus yporangae Schubart, 1946 ; Leodesmus yporangae n. comb.] and p...
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Organise par J.-J. Geoffroy, J.-P. Mauries et M. Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin, cette reunion s'est tenue a Paris du 25 au 31 juillet 1993, au Museum national d'histoire naturelle et a l'universite Pierre-et- Marie-Curie (Paris-VI), qui ont apporte leur soutien a l'organisation de la manifestation. Elle a rassemble 85 participants et recu les contributions de 129 chercheurs du monde entier ; 37 nations ont en effet ete representees. Il s'agit de la plus forte participation enregistree lors d'un congres i...