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AIM: To emphasize that nurses need to be fully protected to carry out their vital role, particularly during pandemics, yet the lack of a standardized and systematic collection of high-quality disaggregated data on nurses health inhibits our ability to assess this within and across countries. BACKGROUND: Nurses are the largest workforce group in the health sector, yet only 59 countries worldwide report on nurse COVID-19 infections and related deaths, and the standardized, systematic collection of...
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AbstractObjectives: This study aimed to investigate the occurrence of suicidal ideation and associated factors in older persons with dementia living at home in eight European countries, and its ass...
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Background null Stronger healthcare models are increasingly sought to address new population needs, health workforce inefficiencies and nursing shortages. One strategy is to focus on employees' strengths to capitalize on their competencies and maximize their scope of practice. null Introduction null Globally, there is an exponential demand for advanced practice nursing services. This study aimed to identify the roles and positions of nurses who align with APN defining criteria at all levels of c...
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AIM Of the few instruments available to measure the important, positive aspects of caring, the Caregiver Reaction Assessment is regarded as the most suitable, but there is no validated Spanish version. The aim of this study was to translate the Caregiver Reaction Assessment into Spanish and assess its psychometric properties. METHODS The Caregiver Reaction Assessment was translated into Spanish and then back translated. Validation included construct validity, criterion validity and reliability: ...
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BACKGROUND Undergraduate students' clinical experience, working directly with patients and the healthcare team is essential to ensure students acquire the necessary competence for practice. There are differences in the quality of clinical environments and in students' clinical placement experiences and not all clinical sites are optimal learning environments. The Dedicated Education Unit clinical education model allows students to develop the practical knowledge, skills and professionalism they ...
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Aims and objectives The aim of the study was to compare advanced practice in epilepsy nurses in Spain and United Kingdom, identifying differences in the domains of standard advanced practice. Background Europe has recently faced the challenge of providing high-quality care for patients with epilepsy, a disease that generates many health demands. In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, advanced practice nursing is well established and could serve as a guide for implantation in countries wh...
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Resumen A nivel internacional, la enorme demanda para gestionar la pandemia del COVID-19 ha supuesto un reto tanto en la provision de personal como en suministros y material sanitario. No existe precedente ni publicaciones relacionadas con la gestion y liderazgo de los servicios de enfermeria en Espana dentro del plan de emergencia de la pandemia COVID-19. En este articulo se describe la experiencia del Hospital Clinico de Barcelona en las circunstancias extraordinarias actuales que constituyen,...
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Abstract Background The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has caused a worldwide health and social crisis directly impacting the healthcare system. Hospitals had to rearrange its structure to meet clinical needs. Spain has been experiencing a shortage of working nurses. Student nurses in their last year at university were employed to help the National Health System respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Aim The aim of this study was to explore and understand the experience of nursing students' ro...
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