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Introduction: Hepatic hemangioendothelioma is a rare benign tumor in children, which frequently occurs in the first year of life. The clinical presentation is variable and the diagnosis is based on clinical suspicion, and laboratory and imaging studies. The objective was to describe a case of multifocal hepatic hemangioendothelioma. Clinical report: 3-month-old girl who presented hepatomegaly without elements of hepatic or heart failure. Abdominal ultrasound and CT scan were used to diagnose hep...
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The Convention on the Rights of the Child has established a change in the concept of childhood. Children become subjects of rights and protection instead of being objects of society. The health contexts, as a sphere for social processes needs to keep pace with this paradigm. It is necessary for children and adolescents to participate in the making of decisions affecting their health in the clinical context. The study aims to discuss the specific characteristics of informed consent in children an...
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Introduction: Uruguay offers a free HPV quadrivalent vaccine to adolescents 12 years of age or older. However, the vaccination rate was not as expected. Objective: to describe the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination status, the reasons for non-vaccination and to report adverse effects in hospitalized adolescents in a reference center in Uruguay. Materials and methods: descriptive study by means of an anonymous survey of adolescents of 12 years of age or older hospitalized in moderate care at ...
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Introduction: The evaluation and treatment of pain in hospitalized is still an important health problem. Objective: To know the prevalence, characteristics and approaches to pain management in children and adolescents hospitalized in the Pediatric Hospital of the Pereira Rossell Center (HP-CHPR), a pediatric reference center in Uruguay. Patients and Method: Cross-sectional study, through survey and review of clinical records on 09/13/16. All hospitalized children under the age of 19 were include...
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Se presentan las caracteristicas del consentimiento informado para investigacion en seres humanos. El texto analiza los fundamentos teoricos del consentimiento, los componentes necesarios para considerar que un CI es valido y sus contenidos, en el marco de la normativa internacional y nacional.
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Si bien la bronquiolitis se trata de una enfermedad viral, los antibioticos son utilizados en su tratamiento. El objetivo de este trabajo fue describir el uso de antibioticos en ninos menores de dos anos con bronquiolitis grave que egresaron entre el 20 de julio al 20 de agosto de 2016 de las unidades de cuidados intensivos del Centro Hospital Pereira Rossell (CHPR) y Asociacion Espanola (AE). Se realizo un estudio transversal en el que se incluyeron los ninos menores de 2 anos que egresaron de ...
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#1Carlos Zunino (University of the Republic)H-Index: 1
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BACKGROUND: The most frequent osteoarticular infections (OAI) etiological agent is Staphylococcus aureus. The prevalence of other microorganisms has changed after the introduction of new vaccines. AIM: To describe the etiology and evolution of the OAIs in children hospitalized in Pediatric Hospital Pereira Rossell between 2009 and 2015. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Joint fluid and bone puncture studies of hospitalized children suspected of OAI. Epidemiological characteristics, isolated microorganisms, ...
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El consumo de pasta base de cocaina y marihuana durante el embarazo es un problema creciente. El objetivo de este estudio fue estimar la frecuencia del consumo de estas sustancias durante el embarazo en mujeres hospitalizados en el Hospital de Maldonado y describir las caracteristicas de ellas y sus hijos. Se realizo un estudio transversal desde el 1o de enero de 2014 al 31 de enero de 2015. Para detectar el consumo se consideraron aquellas mujeres que auto declararon consumir cocaina o marihuan...