Stephen D. Kevan
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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The origin of deterministic macroscopic properties often lies in microscopic stochastic motion. Magnetic fluctuations that manifest as domain avalanches and chaotic magnetization jumps exemplify such stochastic motion and have been studied in great detail. Here we report Fourier space studies of avalanches in a system exhibiting competing magnetic stripe and skyrmion phase using a soft X-ray speckle metrology technique. We demonstrate the existence of phase boundaries and underlying critical poi...
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Author(s): Montoya, SA; Couture, S; Chess, JJ; Lee, JCT; Kent, N; Henze, D; Sinha, SK; Im, MY; Kevan, SD; Fischer, P; McMorran, BJ; Lomakin, V; Roy, S; Fullerton, EE | Abstract: © 2017 American Physical Society. The interesting physics and potential memory technologies resulting from topologically protected spin textures such as skyrmions have prompted efforts to discover new material systems that can host these kinds of magnetic structures. Here, we use the highly tunable magnetic properties of...
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Last. Geraldine L. Richmond (UO: University of Oregon)H-Index: 54
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Abstract We investigate the role of reagent concentrations and ambient O 2 on the morphology and growth behavior of ZnS thin films grown with the chemical bath deposition method. We investigate the role of substrate on film morphology, and find significant differences between films deposited on SiO 2 versus Si. The films are also sensitive to dissolved O 2 in the bath, as it causes a layer of SiO 2 to form at the ZnS/Si interface during deposition. Degassing of solutions and an N 2 atmosphere ar...
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