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Microparticle suspensions in a polarity-switched discharge plasma of the Plasmakristall-4 facility on board the International Space Station exhibit string-like order. As pointed out in [Phys. Rev. Research 2, 033314 (2020)2643-156410.1103/PhysRevResearch.2.033314], the string-order is subject to evolution on the timescale of minutes at constant gas pressure and constant parameters of polarity switching. We perform a detailed analysis of this evolution using the pair correlations and length spect...
We present data on the quasi-isentropic compressibility of a strongly coupled (nonideal) plasma of a deuterium–helium mixture in the range of pressures 150–250 GPa in devices with a cylindrical geometry and a new result obtained in an experiment with “pure” deuterium at a pressure ~200 GPa. The trajectory of the plasma-compressing metallic shells was recorded using powerful pulsed X-ray sources with a boundary electron energy up to 60 MeV. The densities of the plasma of deuterium and its mixture...
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We study the impact of a few cycle extreme terahertz (THz) radiation (the field strength ETHz ∼1–15 MV/cm is well above the DC-field breakdown threshold) on a p-doped Si wafer. Pump-probe measurements of the second harmonic of a weak infrared probe were done at different THz field strengths. The second harmonic yield has an unusual temporal behavior and does not follow the common instantaneous response, ∝ETHz2. These findings were attributed to: (i) the lattice strain by the ponderomotive force ...
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A sensitive method to study a dilute ultracold plasma based on the autoionization resonances of Rydberg atoms is demonstrated. Ultracold 40Ca Rydberg atoms are prepared in a continuously operating magneto-optical trap. A method that allows the detection of the plasma with ion and electron densities below 109 m–3 is shown. Experimental studies of resonances at the two-photon $4s3d{{\,}^{1}}{{D}_{2}}{-} 90{{\,}^{1}}{{D}_{2}} Rydberg transition have been carried out using 672 and 798 nm resonant...
#1Vladimir E. Fortov (RAS: Russian Academy of Sciences)H-Index: 76
#1Vladimir E. Fortov (RAS: Russian Academy of Sciences)H-Index: 76