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Natural fibres reinforced polymeric composites are examples of green composites. Commodities polymers derived from fossil sources have volatile organic compounds in their compositions. Polyurethane...
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Lignin is one of the most important and widespread carbon sources on Earth. Significant amounts of lignin are delivered to the market by pulp mills and biorefineries, and there have been many efforts to develop routes for its valorization. Over the years, lignin has been used to produce biobased chemicals, materials, and advanced biofuels on the basis of its variable functionalities and physicochemical properties. Today, lignin’s applications are still limited by its heterogeneity, variability, ...
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Abstract Lignin is a complex phenolic biopolymer present in plant cell walls and a by-product of the cellulose pulping industry. Lignin has functional properties, such as antioxidant activity, that make it a potential natural active ingredient for health-care products. However, not all safety aspects of lignin fractions have been adequately investigated. Herein, we evaluated the antioxidant and genotoxic potential of two hardwood kraft lignins (F3 and F5). The chemical characterization of F3 and...
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Abstract Cellulose is an abundant and biodegradable natural material that is not derived from petroleum. With the growing demand for high-performance materials, the interest in using nanocelluloses in different areas has increased. Nanofibrillated celluloses (NFCs) are result from mechanical processing of cellulose fibers, with or without chemical pretreatments. Characteristics such as large surface area, hydroxyl groups on their surface, high mechanical strength, and high length/width ratio giv...
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The effectiveness of tannic acid as antimicrobial and wound healing for burns have been shown for a century; however, uncontrolled target dosage may result in undesirable side-effects. Remarkably, tannic acid polyphenols compounds crosslinked with polymeric materials produce a strong composite containing the beneficial properties of this tannin. However, investigation of the crosslink structure and its antibacterial and regenerative properties are still unknown when using nanocellulose by mechan...
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Unidirectional freeze casting for polymers and ceramics has been performed extensively; however, the mechanisms involved in unidirectional freezing are not thoroughly understood and therefo...