Xuejuan Wan
Shenzhen University
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#1Fei Wang (SZU: Shenzhen University)H-Index: 2
#2Wentao Wang (SZU: Shenzhen University)H-Index: 1
Last. Xuejuan Wan (SZU: Shenzhen University)H-Index: 22
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Abstract Remote control and targeted activation are the elevated goals for shape-memory and self-healing polymers when responses to stimuli. Among so many stimuli, converting light into microstructure change or mechanical motions is now of particular interest. Herein, we report the ingenious design, synthesis and operation to advanced materials that capable of fast near-infrared (NIR) light-actuated targeted shape memory and remote accurately self-healing. Starting from biomass resources, a well...
#1Fei WangH-Index: 2
#2Cheng ZhangH-Index: 2
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Abstract Multiple-stimulated shape-memory and self-healing materials can be employed in some covert circumstances and special system because of the flexible control manners, which shows great potential in practical application. In this work, Fe3O4 grafted copolymer, Fe3O4-g-P(TMA-co-LA-co-VI), with magnetic, near-infrared light and thermo multiple-stimulated shape memory and self-healing performance, was synthesized, where tetrahydrofurfuryl methacrylate (TMA), lauryl acrylate (LA) and 1-vinylim...
#1Fei Wang (SZU: Shenzhen University)H-Index: 2
#2Cheng Zhang (SZU: Shenzhen University)H-Index: 2
Last. Xuejuan Wan (SZU: Shenzhen University)H-Index: 22
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Conductive elastomeric composites exhibit a great research potential in the intelligent materials and devices owing to their excellent mechanical and electrical properties. Herein, we reported a ca...
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#1Anzhong Tan (SZU: Shenzhen University)H-Index: 1
#2Guanghui Yang (SZU: Shenzhen University)H-Index: 1
Last. Xuejuan Wan (SZU: Shenzhen University)H-Index: 22
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Abstract The exploration of carbon quantum dots (CQDs) with ultra-high quantum yield, simple synthesis path, and satisfying output to facilitate their wide applications in numerous fields are always the research focus. In this work, nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots (N-CQDs) with strong blue fluorescence were synthesized with a simple one-step hydrothermal method using citric acid and o-phenylenediamine as raw materials, and the absolute quantum yield was as high as 92.1%. The detailed research...
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#1Hanlin Hu (SZPT: Shenzhen Polytechnic)H-Index: 2
#1Hanlin Hu (SZPT: Shenzhen Polytechnic)H-Index: 9
Last. Gang Li (PolyU: Hong Kong Polytechnic University)H-Index: 73
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The combination of a bulk 3D perovskite layer and a reduced dimensional perovskite layer (perovskite quantum wells (PQWs)) is demonstrated to enhance the performance of perovskite solar cells (PSCs) significantly in terms of stability and efficiency. This perovskite hierarchy has attracted intensive research interest; however, the in-depth formation mechanism of perovskite quantum wells on top of a 3D perovskite layer is not clearly understood and is therefore the focus of this study. Along with...
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#1Wentao Wang (SZU: Shenzhen University)H-Index: 1
#2Fei Wang (SZU: Shenzhen University)H-Index: 2
Last. Xuejuan Wan (SZU: Shenzhen University)H-Index: 22
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Abstract Bio-based copolymers with versatile properties and good processability are highly desired for practical applications. Herein we describe novel hyperbranched adhesive, UV protective coatings and functional elastomers with 6.1-9.5 wt% lignin synthesized by a one-pot RAFT grafting polymerization. The unique macromolecular structure and sufficient hydrogen bonds of these Lignin-graft-poly(n-butyl acrylate-co-1-vinylimidazole) copolymers (Lignin-BVs) resulted in fascinating and controllable ...
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#1Wentao Wang (USTC: University of Science and Technology of China)H-Index: 6
#2Fei WangH-Index: 2
Last. Xuejuan WanH-Index: 22
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Smart materials with multiple shape memory capacities gradually interested a broad mass of researchers due to their potential application in textiles, smart actuators and aerospace engineering. However, the design and sustainable synthesis of multiple shape memory polymers (SMPs) simultaneously possessing robust mechanical strength, reprocessability, reconfigurability still remain full of challenges. Starting from a readily available biomass material cellulose, a well-defined SMPs, cellulose-gra...
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#1Guanghui Yang (SZU: Shenzhen University)H-Index: 5
#2Jinlai Zhao (SZU: Shenzhen University)H-Index: 1
Last. Jiaoning Tang (SZU: Shenzhen University)H-Index: 22
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Abstract Conventional fluorescent probes are either easily photobleached or non-biodegradable, which often leads to the unstable fluorescence signal output and long-term biological toxicity. Therefore, the development of novel fluorescent materials with both excellent photostability and biodegradability is of great significance for further broadening their application in numerous research fields. In this work, Nb2C quantum dots (Nb2C QDs) with pristine crystallographic structures of Nb2C MXene p...
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#1Hanlin Hu (PolyU: Hong Kong Polytechnic University)H-Index: 9
#2Mriganka Singh (PolyU: Hong Kong Polytechnic University)H-Index: 5
Last. Gang Li (PolyU: Hong Kong Polytechnic University)H-Index: 73
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Over the past decade, intensive research effort has been made in the field of organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites with dramatic progress in both photovoltaic performance and device stability, making it the fastest grown photovoltaic research area. Perovskite materials use low-cost, earth-abundant elements, can be solution-processed, and the technology is compatible with large-scale roll-to-roll manufacturing. Recently, the successful demonstration of the photovoltaic performance of perovskite r...
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#1Xuejuan Wan (SZU: Shenzhen University)H-Index: 22
#2Haoqi Ke (SZU: Shenzhen University)H-Index: 2
Last. Guanghui Yang (SZU: Shenzhen University)H-Index: 5
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Abstract The development of acid environment-applicable fluorescence sensor is challenging but attractive topic, which can achieve the rapid and comprehensive evaluation of total soluble heavy metal content in natural water. In this work, a quinoline-containing Schiff base, AMQD, was utilized as fluorescence probe for Cd2+. Interestingly, the obtained chemosensor exhibited much better fluorescence detection sensitivity and selectivity toward Cd2+ in acidic 10% methanol aqueous solution (pH 4) co...
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