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To design molecular spin qubits with enhanced quantum coherence, a control of the coupling between the local vibrations and the spin states is crucial, which could be realized in principle by engineering molecular structures via coordination chemistry. To this end, understanding the underlying structural factors that govern the spin relaxation is a central topic. Here, we report the investigation of the spin dynamics in a series of chemically-designed europium(II)-based endohedral metallofullere...
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Monometallic cyanide clusterfullerenes (CYCFs) with a chemical formula of MNC@C2n represents as a new type of clusterfullerenes discovered in recent years, the encapsulated metal types are still to yttrium and terbium thus far. This makes it unclear the stabilization mechanism of the host fullerene cages upon the variation of internal MNC clusters. Herein, for the first time, four novel Lu-based CYCFs, namely, LuNC@C2v(19138)-C76, LuNC@C2(5)-C82, LuNC@Cs(6)-C82, and LuNC@C2v(9)-C82, have been suc...
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Enhancing the exchange interaction between magnetic ions is a long-term target in molecular magnetism. Endohedral metallofullerenes (EMFs) provide a possibility for achieving such a goal by imprisoning multiple magnetic centers inside the confined inner space of fullerene cage. Here, we report a new member of dimetallic azafullerene Dy2@C79N via crystallographic determination for the first time. Magnetic studies indicate that the strong ferromagnetic coupling between lanthanide ions and unpaired...
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The photoluminescence of lanthanide ions inside fullerenes is usually very weak due to the quenching effect of the fullerene cage. In the case of Er@C82, the near-infrared emission from the Er3+ ion is completely quenched by the C82 fullerene cage. It remains challenging to turn on the photoluminescence of Er@C82 and other monometallofullerenes. In this work, we adopt a covalent modification strategy to alter the electronic structure of the fullerene cage for sensitizing the near-infrared emissi...
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#1Zujin Shi (PKU: Peking University)
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Palladium nanoparticles with a diameter of 2–4 nm supported on nitrogen and boron dual-doped single-wall carbon nanohorns (Pd-NBCNHs) are synthesized via a one-step method and their electrocatalytic activities are investigated for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in alkaline media. The electrochemical results demonstrate that the oxygen reduction peak potential of Pd-NBCNHs is similar to that of commercial 20% Pt–C. Furthermore, Pd-NBCNHs show a more positive half-wave potential than 20% Pt–C...
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An anisotropic high-spin qubit with long coherence time could scale the quantum system up. It has been proposed that Grover’s algorithm can be implemented in such systems. Dimetallic aza[80]fullerenes M2@C79N (M = Y or Gd) possess an unpaired electron located between two metal ions, offering an opportunity to manipulate spin(s) protected in the cage for quantum information processing. Herein, we report the crystallographic determination of Gd2@C79N for the first time. This molecular magnet with ...
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The dehydrogenation of indoline to indole is a vital chemical transformation because of the versatile application of indole as an intermediate in the synthesis of medicines or fine chemicals. As a consequence, various approaches are being explored to catalyze dehydrogenation of indoline. Here, we provided a new strategy for dehydrogenation of indoline. Pd nanoparticles supported on boron-, oxygen-, nitrogen- and phosphorus-doped single-wall carbon nanohorns (CNHs) without ligands were synthesize...
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