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Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) were performed on the Aqueous Lignin Purification with Hot Agents (ALPHA) process, which is being investigated for the fractionation a...
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There has been an increasing interest in continuous base-load low-carbon renewable energy generation in the United States. Several technologies have been developed to convert biomass into energy, a...
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The Trans-Atlantic Research and Development Interchange on Sustainability Workshop (TARDIS) is a meeting on scientific topics related to sustainability. The 2019 workshop theme was "On the Role of Uncertainty in Managing the Earth for Global Sustainability." This paper presents the perspectives on this topic derived from talks and discussions at the 2019 TARDIS workshop. There are four kinds of uncertainties encountered in sustainability ranging from clear enough futures to true surprises. The c...
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Potential land use change impact has been of a concern for producing biomass derived fuels. To avoid displacing crop production, this study considered north central and western U.S. non-irrigated wheat-growing states for integration of oilseed that fits well into rotations with existing grain crops for renewable jet fuel production. We conducted analyses showing oilseed supply and natural resource impacts based on 2,326 9km x 9km grid cells in the U.S. Northern Great Plains and further examined ...
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The growing generation of plastic waste (PW) is placing severe burdens in the terrestrial and marine environments due to its inappropriate management at end of life. Governments are aware of this situation and have proposed production bans or initiatives to minimize the amount of PW that is landfilled and encourage recycling or energy recovery. Circular economy is a strategy that reuses PW to produce new polymers while avoiding its disposal and displacing the use of virgin materials. This study ...
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Last. David R. Shonnard (MTU: Michigan Technological University)H-Index: 33
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The increasing amount of plastic waste generation has become an important concern for the chemical industry and government agencies due to high disposal and environmental leakage rates. Chemical recycling is a promising technology due to the potential reduction of pollutant emissions and the establishment of a circular economy through the production of monomers and fuels. However, there is scarce information on industrial scale processes of this technology and their energetic, economic, and envi...
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