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Background and aims:Severe asthma may require the prescription of one of the biologic drugs currently available, using surrogate markers of airway inflammation (serum IgE levels and allergic sensit...
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#2Gianna Camiciottoli (UniFI: University of Florence)H-Index: 22
Last. Paola Rogliani (University of Rome Tor Vergata)H-Index: 41
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Abstract Background Mepolizumab (MEP) has been recently introduced to treat severe eosinophilic asthma. Trials have demonstrated a significant effectiveness in this phenotype. We evaluated MEP efficacy on lung function, symptoms, asthma exacerbations, biologic markers, steroid dependence and controller treatment level in real-life. Methods We retrospectively analyzed 134 severe asthmatics (61 males; mean age 58.3 ± 11; mean FEV1%:72 ± 21), treated with MEP for at least 6 months (mean duration:10...
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In allergic rhinitis, a relevant outcome providing information on the effectiveness of interventions is needed. In MASK-air (Mobile Airways Sentinel Network), a visual analogue scale (VAS) for work is used as a relevant outcome. This study aimed to assess the performance of the work VAS work by comparing VAS work with other VAS measurements and symptom-medication scores obtained concurrently.
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#1Silvana Cianchetti (UniPi: University of Pisa)H-Index: 23
#2Cristina Cardini (UniPi: University of Pisa)H-Index: 2
Last. Pierluigi Paggiaro (UniPi: University of Pisa)H-Index: 48
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Abstract Background Both inflammatory and remodelling processes are associated with irreversible airway obstruction observed in severe asthma. Our aim was to characterize a group of severe asthmatic patients with or without persistent airway obstruction in relation to specific sputum inflammatory and remodelling biomarkers. Methods Forty-five patients under regular high-dose inhaled corticosteroid/s-2agonist treatment were studied, after a follow-up period of at least 2 years, with a minimum of ...
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Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma (ARIA) has evolved from a guideline by using the best approach to integrated care pathways using mobile technology in patients with allergic rhinitis (AR) and asthma multimorbidity. The proposed next phase of ARIA is change management, with the aim of providing an active and healthy life to patients with rhinitis and to those with asthma multimorbidity across the lifecycle irrespective of their sex or socioeconomic status to reduce health and social ine...
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Last. Amelia Grosso (UNIPV: University of Pavia)H-Index: 10
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Abstract Background Although general practitioners (GPs) are frequently the first healthcare professionals whom asthma patients refer to for their symptoms, few studies have explored the extent of adherence to guidelines for asthma management based on data provided directly by GPs. Aims of the present study were to assess drug prescriptions for asthma by GPs and to evaluate prescriptive adherence to GINA guidelines (GL) and its relationship with disease control in real life. Methods 995 asthmati...
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#1Federica Novelli (UniPi: University of Pisa)H-Index: 11
#2Elena Bacci (UniPi: University of Pisa)H-Index: 27
Last. Pierluigi Paggiaro (UniPi: University of Pisa)H-Index: 48
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Background According to ATS/ERS document on severe asthma (SA), the management of these patients requires the identification and proper treatment of comorbidities, which can influence the control of asthma.
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#1Maria Laura Bartoli (UniPi: University of Pisa)H-Index: 13
Last. Veronica SecciaH-Index: 16
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Nasal cytology is a precious tool to study nasal disorders, but in current literature, there is no consensus on the standardization of the processing procedure of the obtained samples. Therefore, we decided to test on specimens obtained by nasal scraping, a common way of nasal specimen sampling, two different processing techniques, smear and cytocentrifugation, and compare them in terms of inflammatory cell content, quality of slides, and validity on clinical assessment. We analyzed 105 patients...
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Last. Pierluigi PaggiaroH-Index: 48
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#1Manuela LatorreH-Index: 13
#2Veronica SecciaH-Index: 16
Last. Pierluigi PaggiaroH-Index: 48
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