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Abstract Objectives In this study, we aim to assess the diagnostic utility of elevated serum IgG4 (sIgG4) concentration alone and in combination with peripheral eosinophilia (PE) for IgG4-related disease (IgG4-RD). Methods From the Mayo Clinic, Rochester electronic medical record database we identified 409 patients with above normal levels of sIgG4 (reference range 121–140 mg/dL) who had sIgG4 measured to differentiate IgG4-RD from another disease. Results Among 409 patients with any elevation i...
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Background & Aims Identifying metabolic abnormalities that occur before pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) diagnosis could increase chances for early detection. We collected data on changes in metabolic parameters (glucose, serum lipids, triglycerides; total, low-density, and high-density cholesterol; and total body weight) and soft tissues (abdominal subcutaneous fat [SAT], adipose tissue, visceral adipose tissue [VAT], and muscle) from patients 5 years before the received a diagnosis of P...
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Premature activation of digestive enzymes in the pancreas has been linked to development of pancreatitis for more than a century. Recent development of novel models to study the role of pathologic enzyme activation has led to advances in our understanding of the mechanisms of pancreatic injury. Colocalization of zymogen and lysosomal fraction occurs early after pancreatitis-causing stimulus. Cathepsin B activates trypsinogen in these colocalized organelles. Active trypsin increases permeability ...
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Objective Fukuoka consensus guidelines classify pancreatic cystic lesions (PCLs) presumed to be intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms (IPMNs) into Fukuoka positive (FP) (subgroups of high-risk (HR) and worrisome features (WFs)) and Fukuoka negative (FN) (non-HR feature/WF cysts). We retrospectively estimated 5-year risk of pancreatic cancer (PC) in FN, WF and HR cysts of patients with PCL-IPMN. Design From Mayo Clinic databases, we randomly selected 2000 patients reported to have a PCL; we ex...
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Background & Aims Experimental studies in acute pancreatitis (AP) suggest a strong association of acinar cell injury with cathepsin B–dependent intracellular activation of trypsin. However, the molecular events subsequent to trypsin activation and their role, if any, in cell death is not clear. In this study, we have explored intra-acinar events downstream of trypsin activation that lead to acinar cell death. Methods Acinar cells prepared from the pancreas of rats or mice (wild-type, trypsinogen...
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