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Last. Gloria Pelizzo (University of Milan)H-Index: 21
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Different mechanisms were proposed as responsible for COVID-19 neurological symptoms but a clear one has not been established yet. In this work we aimed to study SARS-CoV-2 capacity to infect pediatric human cortical neuronal HCN-2 cells, studying the changes in the transcriptomic profile by next generation sequencing. SARS-CoV-2 was able to replicate in HCN-2 cells, that did not express ACE2, confirmed also with Western blot, and TMPRSS2. Looking for pattern recognition receptor expression, we ...
#1Stefania CroceH-Index: 6
Last. Valeria Calcaterra (Boston Children's Hospital)H-Index: 24
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In the last few decades, obesity has increased dramatically in pediatric patients. Obesity is a chronic disease correlated with systemic inflammation, characterized by the presence of CD4 and CD8 T cell infiltration and modified immune response, which contributes to the development of obesity related diseases and metabolic disorders, including impaired glucose metabolism. In particular, Treg and Th17 cells are dynamically balanced under healthy conditions, but imbalance occurs in inflammatory an...
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#2Claudia Del FanteH-Index: 21
Last. Miriam Ramondetta (Fondazione IRCCS Ca' Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico)H-Index: 4
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Objective: Chronic renal antibody-mediated rejection (ABMR) is a common cause of allograft failure, but an effective therapy is not available. Extracorporeal photopheresis (ECP) has been proven successful in chronic lung and heart rejection, and graft versus host disease. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of ECP in chronic ABMR patients. Patients and Methods: We investigated ECP treatment in 14 patients with biopsy-proven chronic ABMR and stage 2–3 chronic renal failure. Th...
#2Manuela MuraH-Index: 7
Last. Massimiliano Gnecchi (UNIPV: University of Pavia)H-Index: 28
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Anti-inflammatory and immune-modulatory therapies have been proposed for the treatment of COVID-19 and its most serious complications. Among others, the use of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) is under investigation given their well-documented anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties. However, some critical issues regarding the possibility that MSCs could be infected by the virus have been raised. Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) and type II transmembrane serine protease (TMPRSS2)...
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#1Gloria PelizzoH-Index: 21
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Last. Valeria CalcaterraH-Index: 24
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Congenital anomalies may have an increased risk of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) We performed a clinical exome analysis in an infant affected by “Vertebral, Anorectal, Cardiac, Tracheoesophageal, Genitourinary, and Limb” (VACTERL) malformation association to identify potential biomarkers that may be helpful for preventing malignancy risk or other chronic processes. Among the variants, six variants that may be linked with VACTERL were identified in the exome analysis. The variants c.501G>C on O...
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#1Margherita MassaH-Index: 29
#2Stefania Croce (UNIPV: University of Pavia)H-Index: 6
Last. Maria Antonietta AvanziniH-Index: 29
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In the last decade, the secreting activity of mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs) has been widely investigated, due to its possible therapeutic role. In fact, MSCs release extracellular vesicles (EVs) containing relevant biomolecules such as mRNAs, microRNAs, bioactive lipids, and signaling receptors, able to restore physiological conditions where regenerative or anti-inflammatory actions are needed. An actual advantage would come from the therapeutic use of EVs with respect to MSCs, avoiding ...
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#1Valeria Calcaterra (UNIPV: University of Pavia)H-Index: 24
#2Stefania CroceH-Index: 6
Last. Maria Antonietta AvanziniH-Index: 29
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Background: Chronic low-grade inflammation and activation of the immune system are hallmark pathogenic mechanisms involved in metabolic dysfunction and are related to obesity. In particular, the involvement of regulatory and pro-inflammatory lymphocyte subpopulations has been reported in adults. We evaluated the Th17/Treg lymphocyte balance in obese and normal weight children, in relation with their metabolic status. Methods: We enrolled 50 pediatric patients. According to metabolic status, subj...
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#1Maria Antonietta Grignano (UNIPV: University of Pavia)H-Index: 4
#2Stefania Bruno (UNITO: University of Turin)H-Index: 53
Last. Teresa Rampino (UNIPV: University of Pavia)H-Index: 22
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Aim of work was to locate a simple, reproducible protocol for uniform seeding and optimal cellularization of biodegradable patch minimizing the risk of structural damages of patch and its contamination in long-term culture. Two seeding procedures are exploited, namely static seeding procedures on biodegradable and biocompatible patches incubated as free floating (floating conditions) or supported by CellCrownTM insert (fixed conditions) and engineered by porcine bone marrow MSCs (p-MSCs). Scaffo...
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#1Uliana De SimoneH-Index: 10
#2Arsenio Spinillo (UNIPV: University of Pavia)H-Index: 38
Last. Teresa CocciniH-Index: 25
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AbstractThis work was aimed at defining the suitable test for evaluating Fe3O4 NPs cytotoxicity after short-term exposure in human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) using different viability tests, na...
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