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Abstract Repair of acetabular cysts and cartilage defects presents a challenge for the hip-preservation surgeon. Currently, most techniques involve allograft sources or open surgery. We present an arthroscopic technique using autologous graft sources for both bone and cartilage to repair subchondral acetabular cysts and the overlying cartilage defect. This technique uses new technology in combination with familiar arthroscopic instruments to decrease morbidity, hasten rehabilitation, and possibl...
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Last. Brian D. Giordano (URMC: University of Rochester Medical Center)H-Index: 16
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Background:Threshold values for patient-reported outcome measures, such as the minimum clinically important difference (MCID) and patient acceptable symptomatic state (PASS), are important for rela...
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Objectives:The morphological deformities in Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) have been associated with hip osteoarthritis (OA), however the molecular mechanisms for OA initiation and progression ...
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Abstract Purpose The purpose was to quantify biomechanical properties of the hip capsule with human dermal allograft reconstruction in order to determine whether a dermal patch restored capsular resistance to distraction. Materials and methods Nine cadaveric hip specimens were dissected until capsule and bony structures remained and then mounted in a testing fixture in neutral flexion and abduction. Four states of the hip capsule were sequentially tested under axial distraction of 5mm measured w...
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#1Brian D. Giordano (URMC: University of Rochester Medical Center)H-Index: 16
#2Benjamin D. Kuhns (URMC: University of Rochester Medical Center)H-Index: 14
Last. Benjamin G. DombH-Index: 57
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Background:Hip arthroscopy in the setting of dysplasia and borderline dysplasia is controversial. Dysplasia severity is most often defined by the lateral center edge angle (LCEA) but can also be ev...
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Last. Brian D. Giordano (URMC: University of Rochester Medical Center)H-Index: 16
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Last. Brian D. Giordano (URMC: University of Rochester Medical Center)H-Index: 16
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Objective To illustrate an advanced imaging parameter that describes the course of the iliopsoas tendon, and evaluate its correlations with iliopsoas internal hip snapping syndrome.
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Last. Michael D. Maloney (UR: University of Rochester)H-Index: 19
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Background:The Patient Reported Outcomes Information System (PROMIS) is an efficient metric able to detect changes in global health.Purpose:To assess the responsiveness, convergent validity, and clinically important difference (CID) of PROMIS compared with disease-specific scales after knee arthroscopy.Study Design:Cohort study (Diagnosis); Level of evidence, 2.Methods:A prospective institutional review board–approved study collected PROMIS Physical Function (PF), PROMIS Pain Interference (PI), ...
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#1Edward C. Beck (Rush University Medical Center)H-Index: 16
#2Kyle N. Kunze (Rush University Medical Center)H-Index: 16
Last. Shane J. Nho (Rush University Medical Center)H-Index: 64
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: In order to determine the associations between age, sex, cortical bone thickness (CBT), and outcomes following hip arthroscopy for FAIS, a retrospective study of patients undergoing hip arthroscopy for FAIS from a single institution from 2012 to 2014 was performed. Based on preoperative radiographs, femoral cortical index (FCI) and femoral canal-to-calcar ratio (FCC) were used as measures of CBT and used to classify patients using the Dorr classification. Linear and logistic regression was use...
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