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The persistence or recurrence of symptoms in patients with coeliac disease (CD), despite a gluten-free diet (GFD), must prompt further work-up for excluding refractory CD (RCD). The aim of this study was to assess the accuracy of serum markers in predicting refractoriness in CD patients. This study included 72 patients affected by CD followed-up at our center, namely 49 uncomplicated CD before and after GFD and 23 RCD. Serum levels of chromogranin A (CgA) and β2-microglobuline were measured at b...
#1Gino Roberto Corazza (UNIPV: University of Pavia)H-Index: 86
#2Marco Vincenzo Lenti (UNIPV: University of Pavia)H-Index: 16
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Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV) and Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) are endowed with the ability of establishing lifelong latency in human hosts and reactivating in immunocompromised subjects, including patients suffering from ulcerative colitis (UC). We, therefore, aimed to investigate virus-specific immunity in UC patients. A cohort of 24 UC patients (14 responders and 10 refractory to therapy) and 26 control subjects was prospectively enrolled to undergo virus-specific serology (by ELISA assay) and ass...
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Abstract Background Duodenal dysbiosis has been suggested to possibly influence the clinical manifestations of coeliac disease (CD), both at onset and when symptoms persist despite a gluten-free diet (GFD). AIMS To evaluate the relationship between duodenal microbiota composition and: i) clinical phenotype of untreated CD (UCD); ii) presence and type of persistent symptoms despite a satisfactory serological and histological response to a strict GFD. Methods Duodenal microbiota was analyzed by 16...
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Currently, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) represents the fourth cause of death worldwide with significant economic burden. Comorbidities increase in number and severity with age and are identified as important determinants that influence the prognosis. In this observational study, we retrospectively analyzed data collected from the RePoSI register. We aimed to investigate comorbidities and outcomes in a cohort of hospitalized elderly patients with the clinical diagnosis of COPD. So...
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#1Gino Roberto Corazza (UNIPV: University of Pavia)H-Index: 86
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The practice of clinical medicine needs to be a very flexible discipline which can adapt promptly to continuously changing surrounding events. Despite the huge advances and progress made in recent decades, clinical reasoning to achieve an accurate diagnosis still seems to be the most appropriate and distinctive feature of clinical medicine. This is particularly evident in internal medicine where diagnostic boundaries are often blurred. Making a diagnosis is a multi-stage process which requires p...
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Small bowel adenocarcinoma is a relatively rare cancer, often diagnosed in an advanced stage. In localized and resectable disease, surgery alone or in combination with adjuvant chemotherapy is the mainstay of treatment. In the recently published National Comprehensive Cancer Network Clinical Practice guidelines, criteria for selecting patients with stage II small bowel adenocarcinoma to receive adjuvant chemotherapy are provided, and they are mainly extrapolated from studies on colorectal cancer...
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Aim: To investigate the role of endothelial PV-1 in patients with untreated celiac disease (CD)-associated liver injury. Materials & methods: PV-1 and PV-1 mRNA were measured in intestinal biopsies from untreated CD patients with elevated or normal alanine transaminase levels, controls, patients with inflammatory bowel disease and patients with toxic liver injury. Circulating PV-1 levels were also evaluated. Results: Circulating PV-1 levels were significantly increased in the serum of patients w...