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The difficulty of the intrusion detection system in heterogeneous networks is significantly affected by devices, protocols, and services, thus the network becomes complex and difficult to identify. Deep learning is one algorithm that can classify data with high accuracy. In this research, we proposed deep learning to intrusion detection system identification methods in heterogeneous networks to increase detection accuracy. In this paper, we provide an overview of the proposed algorithm, with an ...
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Background null Information technology has shifted paper-based documentation in the health care sector into a digital form, in which patient information is transferred electronically from one place to another. However, there remain challenges and issues to resolve in this domain owing to the lack of proper standards, the growth of new technologies (mobile devices, tablets, ubiquitous computing), and health care providers who are reluctant to share patient information. Therefore, a solid systemat...
The growth in internet traffic volume presents a new issue in anomaly detection, one of which is the high data dimension. The feature selection technique has been proven to be able to solve the problem of high data dimension by producing relevant features. On the other hand, high-class imbalance is a problem in feature selection. In this study, two feature selection approaches are proposed that are able to produce the most ideal features in the high-class imbalanced dataset. CICIDS-2017 is a rel...
Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) has an important role in communication between devices in strategic industries such as power plant grid/network. Besides, the SCADA system is now open to any external heterogeneous networks to facilitate monitoring of industrial equipment, but this causes a new vulnerability in the SCADA network system. Any disruption on the SCADA system will give rise to a dangerous impact on industrial devices. Therefore, deep research and development of reliabl...
Malware may disrupt the Internet of Thing (IoT) system/network when it resides in the network, or even harm the network operation. Therefore, malware detection in the IoT system/network becomes an important issue. Research works related to the development of IoT malware detection have been carried out with various methods and algorithms to increase detection accuracy. The majority of papers on malware literature studies discuss mobile networks, and very few consider malware on IoT networks. This...
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Along with many complications, diabetic patients have a high chance to suffer from critical level vision loss and in worst case permanent blindness due to Diabetic Retinopathy (DR). Detecting DR in the early stages is a challenge, since it has no visual indication of this disease in its preliminary stage, thus becomes an important task to accomplish in the health sector. Currently, there have been many proposed DR classifier models but there is a lot of room to improve in terms of efficiency and...
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Intrusion Detection System is yet an interesting research topic. With a very large amount of traffic in real-time networks, feature selection techniques that are effectively able to find important and relevant features are required. Hence, the most important and relevant set of features is the key to improve the performance of intrusion detection system. This study aims to find the best relevant selected features that can be used as important features in a new IDS dataset. To achieve the aim, an...
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Security is the main challenge in Internet of Things (IoT) systems. The devices on the IoT networks are very heterogeneous, many of them have limited resources, and they are connected globally, which makes the IoT much more challenging to secure than other types of networks. Denial of service (DoS) is the most popular method used to attack IoT networks, either by flooding services or crashing services. Intrusion detection system (IDS) is one of countermeasures for DoS attack. Unfortunately, the ...
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Cloud computing makes the delivery of computing resources over the Internet as services. As there are many providers in the market, it is necessary to monitor their performance. Several mechanisms for monitoring service quality of providers have been reported in the literature. But, it is not possible to monitor the entire cloud system by a single monitor. Hence, there is a need for a mechanism to share the performance metrics across a large geographical area. In this paper, the authors propose ...
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