Laura Dobos
University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad
Environmental chemistryBiodegradationChemical structureChemistryIndole testBioremediationMicrobial consortiumPenicilliumPhenolsRhizopusPyrroleThiopheneMineral oilTrichodermaAlkylPaecilomycesFood sciencePetroleum microbiologyPollutionPollutantBiologyMicrobiology
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The main groups of microorganisms involved in the biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons are bacteri a and fungi. We used soil samples polluted with crude oil for isolating the microorganisms. A number of 41 bacterial strains and 21 fungal strains were isolated. The mi croorganisms isolated and obtained in pure culture were tested on media with different concentrations of oil, aiming at their biodegradation capacity. The bacterial str ains of the genera Enterobacter , Escherichia , Pseudomonas...
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#1Laura Dobos (UASD: University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad)H-Index: 1
#2Carmen Puia (UASD: University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad)H-Index: 4
Crude oil is a highly complex mixture of hydrocarbons amounting to hundreds of individual compounds with different chemical structure and molecular weight plus a series of lower molecular weight compounds other than hydrocarbons (phenols, thiols, naphthenic acids, heterocyclic compounds with N (pyridines, pyrrole, indole, s.o.) compounds S (alkyl thiols, thiophene, etc.) (Zarnea, 1994). Mineral oil and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) creates larger environmental problems. They are consid...
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