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Objective After Fontan operation, hemodynamically significant veno-venous collateral (VVC) vessels can lead to systemic arterial desaturation. Outcomes after embolization of VVCs have not been determined. We sought to determine the frequency of and outcomes for patients undergoing VVCs embolization after Fontan operation. Design We retrospectively analyzed clinical and hemodynamic data of patients who underwent cardiac catheterization after the Fontan operation from 1995 to 2014 at Mayo Clinic. ...
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Summary Knowing how the human brain is shaped by migration and admixture is a critical step in studying human evolution [1, 2], as well as in preventing the bias of hidden population structure in brain research [3, 4]. Yet, the neuroanatomical differences engendered by population history are still poorly understood. Most of the inference relies on craniometric measurements, because morphology of the brain is presumed to be the neurocranium's main shaping force before bones are fused and ossified...
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Paravalvular prosthetic regurgitation is a potentially serious condition resulting from degeneration of annular tissue, affecting 6% to 15% of surgically implanted prosthetic valves and annuloplasty rings.1–3 In conditions of tissue friability from any cause, annular calcification, or infection, paravalvular defects can form and lead to varying degrees of regurgitation. Surgical factors associated with the development of paravalvular regurgitation include prostheses in the mitral position, supra...
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Most studies examining associations between hypertension and brain white matter microstructure have focused on older adults or on cohorts with a large age range. Because hypertension effects on the brain may vary with age, it is important to focus on middle age, when hypertension becomes more prevalent. We used linear mixed-effect models to examine differences in white matter diffusion metrics as a function of hypertension in a well-characterized cohort of middle-aged men (n=316; mean, 61.8 year...
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Total gray matter volume is associated with general cognitive ability (GCA), an association mediated by genetic factors. It is expectable that total neocortical volume should be similarly associated with GCA. Neocortical volume is the product of thickness and surface area, but global thickness and surface area are unrelated phenotypically and genetically in humans. The nature of the genetic association between GCA and either of these 2 cortical dimensions has not been examined. Humans possess gr...
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Little is known about how genetic variation contributes to neuroanatomical variability, and whether particular genomic regions comprising genes or evolutionarily conserved elements are enriched for effects that influence brain morphology. Here, we examine brain imaging and single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) data from B2,700 individuals. We show that a substantial proportion of variation in cortical surface area is explained by additive effects of SNPs dispersed throughout the genome, with a ...
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Patients with surgically treated congenital cardiac disease increasingly survive into adulthood and face the need for repeat sternotomies for senescent prosthetic valves and conduits. This poses increased risk of chest re-entry injury, and alternatives to redo median sternotomy are important.
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Background Patent foramen ovale (PFO) is common and may predispose to paradoxical embolism. Transcatheter device closure of PFO can be challenging in certain cases of “long-tunnel” PFO morphology. We report our experience with device closure of long-tunnel PFO using transseptal puncture. Methods We retrospectively reviewed all cases of PFO device closure using transseptal puncture at the Mayo Clinic from January 1, 2010 to September 30, 2013. We arbitrarily defined a PFO tunnel configuration as ...
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There are limited data about transcatheter closure of ventricular septal defect (VSD). We present the largest single center cohort of transcatheter VSD closure in USA. We reviewed 28 patients (pt) with transcatheter VSD closure performed between 1999-2013 (Table/Figure). Indications included post
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Abstract The phenotypic and genetic relationship between global cortical size and general cognitive ability (GCA) appears to be driven by surface area (SA) and not cortical thickness (CT). Gyrification (cortical folding) is an important property of the cortex that helps to increase SA within a finite space, and may also improve connectivity by reducing distance between regions. Hence, gyrification may be what underlies the SA–GCA relationship. In previous phenotypic studies, a 3-dimensional gyri...
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