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The observation of Pauli blocking of atomic spontaneous decay via direct measurements of the atomic population requires the use of long-lived atomic gases where quantum statistics, atom recoil and cooperative radiative processes are all relevant. We develop a theoretical framework capable of simultaneously accounting for all these effects in a regime where prior theoretical approaches based on semi-classical non-interacting or interacting frozen atom approximations fail. We apply it to atoms in ...
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The structure and function of the soil microbiome of urban greenspaces remain largely undetermined. We conducted a global field survey in urban greenspaces and neighboring natural ecosystems across 56 cities from six continents, and found that urban soils are important hotspots for soil bacterial, protist and functional gene diversity, but support highly homogenized microbial communities worldwide. Urban greenspaces had a greater proportion of fast-growing bacteria, algae, amoebae, and fungal pa...
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Dipole-dipole interactions lead to frequency shifts that are expected to limit the performance of next-generation atomic clocks. In this work, we compute dipolar frequency shifts accounting for the intrinsic atomic multilevel structure in standard Ramsey spectroscopy. When interrogating the transitions featuring the smallest Clebsch-Gordan coefficients, we find that a simplified two-level treatment becomes inappropriate, even in the presence of large Zeeman shifts. For these cases, we show a net...