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Ectopic pregnancy rates have quadrupled during the last decade. Although maternal mortality has been reduced for white women, largely because of rapid pregnancy testing and improved ultrasonography, the death rate for minority women is almost twice that of white women, and minority adolescents are almost five times as likely to die of ectopic pregnancy. In this article, causative factors are identified, and the potential for race, gender, and age bias in diagnosis and treatment is discussed. Inv...
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ABSTRACT Clinicians often lack the analytic tools for critical evaluation of cost-effectiveness studies. A recent publication suggests that in vitro fertilization carries social costs as high as $66,667 per cycle of treatment. Careful examination of current data for success rates and cost factors indicates that this figure is inflated, inaccurate, and misleading. The potential for bias in health services research and the social implications of restricting access to infertility treatment are disc...
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ABSTRACT The objective of this study was to assess maternal–fetal attachment, coping styles, self-concept, and adjustment to pregnancy among previously infertile women. The prospective evaluation used quantitative and qualitative assessment in each trimester of pregnancy to investigate differences over time and comparison among women pregnant through standard infertility therapies, women pregnant through IVF, and never infertile women. Methodology includes standardized self-report instruments (C...
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Advances in Reproductive technology have created the potential for a variety of ethical dilemas. To consider some of these issues, three composite cases are presented. A group of panelists will then introduce themselves and respond to the questions.
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The technology that makes pregnancy possible for women with little or no ovarian function is a recent and highly successful addition to the infertility specialists’ therapeutic armamentarium. Ovum donation, perhaps more than any other advance in reproduction, creates unknown ethical, social, psychological, and legal circumstances for modern day family builders. In the narrowest sense, women who would previously have had to adopt in order to parent may now bear children who are genetically their ...
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Potential long‐term effects of psychological dysfunction associated with infertility were investigated in a descriptive study of 32 previously infertile couples. Comparison was made with the performance of 20 never infertile couples matched for age, number of children, education, and income level, using a standard psychological assessment tool, the Hopkins symptom check list. While infertile, women had slightly elevated mean scores on three subscales: depression, interpersonal sensitivity, and h...
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