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Background:Brief intervention is effective for alcohol misuse, but not adequately tested in the clinical setting with drug using patients. This study tested the impact of a single, structured encounter targeting cessation of drug use, conducted between peer educators and out-of-treatment cocaine and heroin users screened in the context of a routine medical visit. Methods: A randomized, controlled trial was conducted in inner-city teaching hospital outpatient clinics with 3 and 6 months follow-up...
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Aim Failure to disclose cocaine use can have a negative impact on medical care and research validity. This study was performed to identify predictors of cocaine non-disclosure among individuals who self-reported heroin use during a medical care encounter. Design A prospective comparison of self-report of cocaine use among heroin users and hair analysis for cocaine. Setting Four health-care clinics at an academic, inner-city hospital. Participants Patients presenting for a health-care visit who w...
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The study was conducted to investigate the impact of an Interpreter Service on intensity of Emergency Department (ED) services, utilization, and charges. This study describes the effects of language barriers on health care service delivery for the index ED visit and a subsequent 90-day period. In all 26,573 ED records from July to November, 1999, resulted in a data set of 500 patients with similar demographic characteristics, chief complaint, acuity, and admission rate. Noninterpreted patients (...
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Abstract The Internet has become a major source of health information for women, but information placed on the World Wide Web does not routinely undergo a peer review process before dissemination. In this study, we present an analysis of 197 infertility-related Web sites for quality and accountability, using JAMA’s minimal core standards for responsible print. Only 2% of the web sites analyzed met all four recommended standards, and 50.8% failed to report any of the four. Commercial web sites we...
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On 24 November, scientists at Advanced Cell Technology announced that they had created the world's first cloned human embryo. The announcement set off a storm of media reports. Stem cells and human cloning, which had been pushed out of public view by the events of 11 September, were once again front page news. For those of us who have served on ACT's private Ethics Advisory Board, the November announcement is a source of satisfaction. We are aware of the great strides made by ACT scientists in r...
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Objective: The purpose of the MCH Certificate Program was threefold: to develop a new educational initiative in response to national and local demands for increased MCH workforce capacity, to eliminate key financial and nonfinancial barriers to advanced MCH academic preparation, and to improve rates of recruitment and retention of students from minority communities, thus enhancing the quality of MCH services available to the region. Methods: An MCH Certificate Program, designed for clinicians (e...
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Older women of color tend to have much lower rates of regular mammography screening for breast cancer than younger Caucasian women; yet, they have higher rates of mortality. This study was designed to increase mammography rates among inner-city women aged 50 years or older. Another goal was to investigate differences in mammography utilization related to race/ethnicity and language after barriers associated with cost and the difficulty of making an appointment are removed. A peer delivered inter...
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Because of the amount of data and multimedia content available, searching the Web is a monumental task. Online commercial sites are growing, and travel is the fastest growing segment of online commerce, with no sign of slowing down. This article presents a selected list of travel sites to help librarians, and the traveling public, locate information to fit their needs. The sites are arranged in ten major categories: megasites, practical matters, lodging and restaurants, budget travel, specialty ...
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The inability to conceive a child is most often viewed as a private matter, but public health perspectives and skills can contribute greatly to our knowledge about infertility, and the development of effective and rational public policy for prevention, access to health care, and regulation of new technologies We offer a primer of public health aspects of infertility in an effort to encourage the broad spectrum of public health professionals to become more knowledgeable about these topics and joi...
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