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Increases in aortic pulse wave velocity, a measure of arterial stiffness, can lead to elevated systolic blood pressure and increased cardiac afterload in adulthood. These changes are detectable in ...
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DNA methylation (DNAm) in mammals is mostly examined within the context of CpG dinucleotides. Non-CpG DNAm is also widespread across the human genome, but the functional relevance, tissue-specific disposition, and inter-individual variability has not been widely studied. Our aim was to examine non-CpG DNAm in the wider methylome across multiple tissues from the same individuals to better understand non-CpG DNAm distribution within different tissues and individuals, and in relation to known genom...
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Optimizing nutrition in the preconception and 1000 days periods have long-term benefits such as higher economic productivity, reduced risk of related non-communicable diseases and increased health and well-being. Despite Ghana’s recent progress in reducing malnutrition, the situation is far from optimal. This qualitative study analyzed the maternal and child health nutrition policy framework in Ghana to identify the current barriers and facilitators to the implementation of nutrition policies an...
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The life-course concept has been widely used during the 20th century to give insights into biomedical as well as wider social issues. However, the biomedical and social science fields have developed concepts in parallel without much cross-fertilisation. For the developmental origins of health and disease (DOHaD) biomedical scientific discourse, the focus has largely been on pro- and retrospective epidemiological cohort studies of risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and of underlying mechani...
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Adolescence offers a window of opportunity during which improvements in health behaviours could benefit long-term health, and enable preparation for parenthood-albeit a long way off, passing on good health prospects to future children. This study was carried out to evaluate whether an educational intervention, which engages adolescents in science, can improve their health literacy and behaviours. A cluster-randomised controlled trial of 38 secondary schools in England, UK was conducted. The inte...
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Preparing for a healthy pregnancy, preconception care, should be the norm and a more actively managed step in primary care. Decades of improvement in the quality of maternity care have greatly reduced the risks associated with pregnancy and childbirth, but improvements in preconception care have lagged behind. The health of women as they enter pregnancy remains a major challenge to maternity services, and two-thirds of maternal deaths in the UK are now in women with pre-existing medical conditio...
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Many epidemiological studies have linked low birthweight to an increased risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in later life, with epigenetic proceseses suggested as an underlying mechanism. Here, we sought to identify neonatal methylation changes associated with birthweight, at both the individual CpG and genomic regional level, and whether the birthweight-associated methylation signatures were associated with specific maternal factors. Using the Illumina Human MethylationEPIC array we asses...
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OBJECTIVE In children aged 8--9 years, we examined the associations of linear and abdominal circumference growth during critical stages of prenatal and postnatal development with six vascular measurements commonly used as early markers of atherosclerosis and later cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk. METHODS In 724 children from the UK Southampton Women's Survey mother--offspring cohort, offspring length/height and abdominal circumference measurements were collected at 10 ages between 11 weeks' ge...
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Neena Modi and Mark Hanson argue that new economic policies focusing on the wellbeing of women and children will produce a fairer, stronger, and more resilient society
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