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The article describes how adolescents with cancer utilized an artistic approach to discuss about their social isolation caused by disease and treatment. With the help of professionals, 17 young patients closed in their isolation room described their ideal room (a bit real, a bit of a fantasy place) producing texts and images, subsequently put together into a book. In these days when people are forced to social isolation by the lockdown related to corovavirus disease 2019 pandemic, young patients...
Purpose: Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) has a worse prognosis in adults than in children, but there is evidence of a better outcome in the former if treated using a pediatric-like approach. This study desc...
BACKGROUND Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), an aggressive soft tissue sarcoma of the skeletal muscle generally affecting children and adolescents, shows extensive heterogeneity in histology, site and age of onset, clinical course, and prognosis. Tumorigenesis of RMS is multifactorial and genetic predisposition together with the family history of cancer may provide critical information to enhance the current knowledge and foster genetic counseling and testing. METHODS In our study, we evaluated the possib...
Background Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), the most frequent soft-tissue sarcoma in childhood, shows extensive heterogeneity in histology, site and age of onset, clinical course, and prognosis. Adolescents and young adults (AYA) with RMS form a subgroup of patients whose survival lacks behind that of children while diagnosed with histologically similar tumors. Procedures A 67-gene prognostic signature related to chromosome integrity, mitotic control, and genome complexity in sarcomas (CINSARC) is consid...
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A standardized multidisciplinary step-by-step approach to improve the compliance of young (or difficult) children having to undergo radiotherapy was described and applied. The procedure is called SIESTA, which stands for show-imagination-evaluation-support-treatment-anesthesia. Preliminary assessments suggest that the SIESTA approach was effective: the rate of young patients (≤6 years) requiring anesthesia decreased from 27% (14/52 cases) in 2011-2012 (before the procedure was adopted) to 13% (6...
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The terminal stage of disease in teenagers is extremely complex to manage. In this study, we share some stories of terminally ill adolescent patients who made use of illusion as a way to overcome t...
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We previously identified an extracellular matrix (ECM) gene expression pattern in breast cancer (BC), called ECM3, characterized by a high expression of genes encoding structural ECM proteins. Since ECM is reportedly implicated in response to therapy of BCs, the aim of this work is to investigate the prognostic and predictive value of ECM3 molecular classification in HER2-positive BCs. ECM3 resulted in a robust cluster that identified a subset of 25–37% of HER2-positive tumors with molecular agg...
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