Eihiro Murota
Reconstructive surgeryVitamin D and neurologyUrologySurgeryFusionNerve rootPathologicalFemoral neckDenosumabBone graftingVertebraSpondylolisthesisBone mineralOsteopeniaBisphosphonateLungSystemic diseaseLymph node biopsyDecompressionFacet (geometry)PercutaneousRetractorRomosozumabSarcoidosisL5 VertebraLumbar spondylolisthesisSpinal canal stenosisLumbar interbody fusionUniversity hospitalPostmenopausal osteoporosisPosterior decompressionOrthopedic surgeryMedicine
Publications 5
#1Katsuhisa Yamada (Hokkaido University)H-Index: 9
#2Ken NagahamaH-Index: 8
Last. Norimasa Iwasaki (Hokkaido University)H-Index: 45
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#1Tomohiro Shimizu (Hokkaido University)H-Index: 11
#2Kosuke Arita (Hokkaido University)
Last. Norimasa Iwasaki (Hokkaido University)H-Index: 45
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Purpose We aimed to investigate the longitudinal changes in bone metabolic markers and bone mineral density (BMD) after starting or switching from bisphosphonate (BP) to romosozumab (ROMO) or denosumab (DENO) therapies over 12 months and to determine predictors that establish associations with changes in BMD among the patients received the ROMO therapy. Methods Postmenopausal osteoporosis patients with a high risk of fracture-154 in total-were recruited; their therapies were switched to ROMO or ...
#1Ken NagahamaH-Index: 8
#2Manabu ItoH-Index: 47
Last. Masahiko Takahata (Hokkaido University)H-Index: 30
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Introduction: Lumbar interbody fusion is used to treat degenerative lumbar spondylolisthesis with instability. We developed a device that safely expands a percutaneous path through Kambin's triangle and used it via a new technique: percutaneous endoscopic transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (PETLIF). We report in this study the details and outcomes of this procedure after a one year follow-up. Methods: Twenty-five patients requiring interbody fusion for degenerative spondylolisthesis of the L...
#1Keigo Yasui (Hokkaido University)H-Index: 4
#2Manabu Ito (Hokkaido University)H-Index: 47
Last. Akio Minami (Hokkaido University)H-Index: 77
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P68. Mid-Term Clinical Outcome of Posterior Decompression Without Fusion for Degenerative Lumbar Spondylolisthesis Keigo Yasui, Manabu Ito, MD, PhD, Kuniyoshi Abumi, MD, Yoshihisa Kotani, MD, Jun-Ichiro Okumura, Masahiko Takahata, MD, Hideki Sudo, Eihiro Murota, Akio Minami; Hokkaido University Hospital, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan; Hokkaido University Sapporo, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan; Sapporo Municipal Hospital, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan; Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine, Sapporo, H...
#1Manabu ItoH-Index: 47
#2Makoto MotomiyaH-Index: 10
Last. Akio MinamiH-Index: 77
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✓ Sarcoidosis is a systemic disease commonly affecting lung, skin, or eye. Sarcoidosis involved with osseous structures occurs in approximately 5% of patients, usually involving small bones. Spinal sarcoidosis is extremely rare. The authors report on a man in whom examination of a subclavicular lymph node biopsy specimen and its spinal involvement had established a diagnosis of sarcoidosis and who had undergone steroid therapy. Despite intensive conservative treatment, the authors observed progr...
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