Regan E. Del Priore
University of Connecticut
Social environmentSocial perceptionVariety (cybernetics)Developmental psychologyDemographyDual (category theory)PsychologySocial comparison theoryInterdependencePerceptionWell-beingBody sizeThin bodyBody satisfactionBody dissatisfactionMass mediaSocial psychologyCrossover effectsInterpersonal relationship
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The finding that rates of body dissatisfaction in women remain relatively stable across the adult lifespan may be due to older women having fewer but heavier age-relevant comparisons in the media. To examine this, magazine images that depict women’s full bodies were coded for age, body size, and clothedness. Analyses suggest that overall, older women are not well represented in this medium. In addition, magazines aimed at younger women depict younger and thinner models than do those magazines wi...
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To better understand the outcomes for couples whose work interferes with their relationships, with an emphasis on the crossover effects that can occur in close relationships, we examined experienced work-to-relationship conflict and perceptions of partner's work-to-relationship conflict for both members of 113 dual-earner couples. Outcomes of interests included relationship tension, health symptoms, and relationship satisfaction. Results indicate that personal work-to-relationship conflict and p...
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