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Abstract Cannabis and cannabinoids (such as tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol) are frequently used to relieve gastrointestinal symptoms. Cannabinoids have effects on the immune system and inflammatory responses, as well as neuromuscular and sensory functions of digestive organs, including pancreas and liver. Cannabinoids can cause hyperemesis and cyclic vomiting syndrome, but might also be used to reduce gastrointestinal, pancreatic, or hepatic inflammation, as well as to treat motility, pain...
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Prokinetic agents are medications that enhance coordinated gastrointestinal motility and transit of content in the gastrointestinal tract, mainly by amplifying and coordinating the gastrointestinal muscular contractions. In addition to dietary therapy, prokinetics are the first line therapy to improve gastric emptying and symptoms, balancing benefits and risks of treatment. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States recommends use of metoclopramide for less than 12 weeks’ durati...
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BACKGROUND Chronic diarrhea in patients with neuroendocrine tumors (NET) may be caused by bioactive products of NET, bile acid malabsorption (BAM), ileal resection (IR) or steatorrhea. AIM To quantitate BA and fat malabsorption in NET with diarrhea. METHODS Part of evaluation in medical oncology clinical practice, 67 patients [42F, 25 M; median age 64.0 y (17.0 IQR)] with well-differentiated NET and diarrhea underwent clinically indicated measurements of 48-h fecal BA [(FBA), fecal weight (norma...
Turning Purple with Pain A 32-year-old woman presented with a 10-year history of intermittent episodes of severe diffuse abdominal pain, occurring every month or two and usually lasting several day...
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ABSTRACT Objectives: To evaluate gastric emptying and colonic transit in a cohort of patients with Parkinson disease and other parkinsonism disorders, and to determine whether abnormal gut transit precedes motor-onset of parkinsonism. Methods: Medical record review of 84 patients with parkinsonism who underwent clinically-indicated transit studies at Mayo Clinic (2001-2019); and 11 patients with transit studies who subsequently developed parkinsonism. Data are summarized as median (IQR). Results...
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The original version of the article unfortunately contained an error in the Table 2. In the column 'Motilityimmune-related adverse event' of Table 2, the term 'Intestinal pseudo-obstruction' was inadvertently removed in the final version. Corrected Table 2 is given below.
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Objective null Satiety, defined as the duration of the sensation of fullness, is usually measured by validated visual analog scales (VAS) for appetite. Gastric function plays a key role in food intake regulation. However, the association between gastric emptying (GE) and VAS appetite is unknown. null Methods null In this cross-sectional study, 134 participants (mean [SEM] age = 39 [0.8] years, mean [SEM] BMI = 38 [0.5] kg/m2 , 67% females) completed simultaneous measurements of GE and VAS appeti...
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