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The vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) signaling pathway plays a pivotal role in normal development and also represents a major therapeutic target for tumors and intraocular neovascular disorders. The VEGF receptor tyrosine kinases promote angiogenesis by phosphorylating downstream proteins in endothelial cells. We applied a large-scale proteomic approach to define the VEGF-regulated phosphoproteome and its temporal dynamics in human umbilical vein endothelial cells and then used siRNA (s...
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Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) promotes mobilization of CD11b+Gr1+ myeloid cells and has been implicated in resistance to anti-VEGF therapy in mouse models. High G-CSF production has been associated with a poor prognosis in cancer patients. Here we show that activation of the RAS/MEK/ERK pathway regulates G-CSF expression through the Ets transcription factor. Several growth factors induced G-CSF expression by a MEK-dependent mechanism. Inhibition of G-CSF release with a MEK inhibi...
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The treatment of festering wounds is one of the most important aspects of medical care. Macrophages are important components of wound repair, both in fending off infection and in coordinating tissue repair. Here we show that macrophages use a Wnt-Calcineurin-Flt1 signaling pathway to suppress wound vasculature and delay repair. Conditional mutants deficient in both Wntless/GPR177, the secretory transporter of Wnt ligands, and CNB1, the essential component of the nuclear factor of activated T cel...
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Platelet–derived growth factor–C (PDGF–C) is known to promote angiogenesis independently of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), although its significance in postnatal angiogenesis in vivo remains poorly understood. We employed murine model of hind limb ischemia and found that
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Medulloblastoma is the most common pediatricmalignant brain tumor. Although current therapiesimprove survival, these regimens are highly toxicand are associated with significant morbidity. Here,we report that placental growth factor (PlGF) is ex-pressed in the majority of medulloblastomas, inde-pendent of their subtype. Moreover, high expressionof PlGF receptor neuropilin 1 (Nrp1) correlates withpoor overall survival in patients. We demonstratethat PlGF and Nrp1 are required for the growth andspr...
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During retinal vascular development there is simultaneous regression of the hyaloid vasculature and formation of the retinal vasculature; here it is demonstrated that regression of developing vasculature is light dependent and acts via the photoreceptor melanopsin.
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The vascular beds supplying the retina may sustain injury as a result of underlying disease such as diabetes, and/or the interaction of genetic predisposition, environmental insults, and age. The vascular pathologic features observed in different intraocular vascular diseases can be categorized broadly as proliferation, exemplified by proliferative diabetic retinopathy, leakage such as macular edema secondary to retinal vein occlusion, or a combination of proliferation and leakage, as seen in ne...
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