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#2Sanja Ćavar Zeljković (Palacký University, Olomouc)H-Index: 10
Last. Petr Tarkowski (Palacký University, Olomouc)H-Index: 24
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Strigolactones (SLs) are important plant hormones that are produced via the carotenoid biosynthetic pathway and occur at extremely low concentrations in various plant species. They regulate root development, play important roles in symbioses between higher plants and mycorrhizal fungi, and stimulate germination of plant–parasitic Orobanche and Striga species. Chemical analysis is central to research on the biochemistry of SLs and their roles in developmental biology and plant physiology. Here we...
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#1Martin FalkH-Index: 18
#2Iva FalkováH-Index: 11
Last. Irena KratochvílováH-Index: 16
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In this work, we shed new light on the highly debated issue of chromatin fragmentation in cryopreserved cells. Moreover, for the first time, we describe replicating cell-specific DNA damage and higher-order chromatin alterations after freezing and thawing. We identified DNA structural changes associated with the freeze-thaw process and correlated them with the viability of frozen and thawed cells. We simultaneously evaluated DNA defects and the higher-order chromatin structure of frozen and thaw...
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Misurcova L., Kracmar S., Klejdus B., Vacek J. (2010): Nitrogen content, dietary fiber, and digest- ibility in algal food products. Czech J. Food Sci., 28: 27-35. The basic nutritional aspects and parameters of freshwater and marine algal food products are described. Blue-green algae ( Spirulina pacifica , S. platensis ), green algae ( Chlorella pyrenoidosa ), red algae ( Palmaria palmata , Porphyra tenera ), and brown algae ( eisenia bicyclis , Hizikia fusiformis , Laminaria japonica , undaria ...
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Kleinova J., Klejdus B. (2014): Determination of volatiles in beer using solid-phase microextraction in combination with gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. Czech J: Food Sci., 32: 241–248. Headspace solid phase microextraction and purge and trap analysis were used for the determination of volatiles in beer. These methods were compared with the analysis of unconcentrated gas phase and liquid extraction. Solid phase microextraction proved to be the most useful and was investigated more closely....
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#1R. DvořákH-Index: 9
#2Alena PechováH-Index: 18
Last. J. PoulH-Index: 3
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The goal of the trial was to reduce the content of antinutritional substances in pea ( Pisum sativum L.) seeds in order to enhance its use in livestock nutrition. A variety of field pea ( Pisum sativum L.) with a high content of antinutritional substances and favourable production traits (Gotik) was chosen. Native and heat-treated pea seeds were used to collect representative samples (n = 6) for analytical purposes. The technology (V-0 technol - ogy, Czech patent No. 285745) was further modified...
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#1V. MíkaH-Index: 2
#2Vlastimil KubáňH-Index: 26
Last. P. NerušilH-Index: 1
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The spectra of non-structural phenolics in herbage were used to study genetic affinity in polyploid complex of Dactylis L., next in complex of octoploid brome species, and in red fescue cultivar collection. The diploid (2n = 14) subspecies of Dactylis revealed distinct differences from the tetraploid (2 n = 28) ones as a clearly specialized group. In the genus Bromus the affinity bounds of the species inside the section (e.g. Ceratochloa) were not very tight in comparison to those between the sp...
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#1Jozef Kováčik (University of Trnava)H-Index: 30
#2Bořivoj Klejdus (Mendel University)H-Index: 36
Last. Josef Hedbavny (Mendel University)H-Index: 22
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Abstract Impact of ascorbate biosynthetic inhibitor (lycorine, LYC) on short-term cadmium (Cd) action (1 h, 100 μM) was studied in the green alga Scenedesmus quadricauda with 1 h or 24 h of LYC co-application. LYC suppressed Cd-induced increase in ascorbic acid and enhanced oxidative symptoms (ROS fluorescence) by modulating activities of antioxidative enzymes after 24 h of addition (decrease in superoxide dismutase, catalase and ascorbate peroxidase activities). Prolonged (24 h) exposure to LYC...
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#1Bořivoj Klejdus (Mendel University)H-Index: 36
#2Merichel Plaza (University of Alcalá)H-Index: 25
Last. Lea Lojková (Mendel University)H-Index: 11
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Abstract The extraction of phenolic compounds from 4 different sea algae samples, three brown algae (Cystoseira abies-marina, C. abies-marina grinded under cryogenic conditions with liquid nitrogen , Undaria pinnatifida and Sargassum muticum ) and one red algae ( Chondrus crispus ) via solid phase extraction using micro-elution solid-phase extraction (μ-SPE) plate method was studied. Prior to μ-SPE, 50 mg of algae with 80% methanol mixture was extracted in hyphenated series by various extraction...
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#1Pavlína Hloučalová (Mendel University)H-Index: 1
#2Jiří Skládanka (Mendel University)H-Index: 4
Last. Daniela KnotováH-Index: 1
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The aim of the study was to determine phytoestrogen content in fresh-cut legume forage. This issue has been much discussed in recent years in connection with the health and safety of feedstuffs and thus livestock health. The experiments were carried out on two experimental plots at Troubsko and Vatin, Czech Republic during June and July in 2015. Samples were collected of the four forage legume species perennial red clover (variety “Amos”), alfalfa (variety “Holyně”), and annuals Persian clover a...
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