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The objective of this project was to render the Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) road assessment methods accessible to field engineers through a software package with a graphical user interface. The software implements both methods more effectively by integrating the complementary nature of GPR and FWD information. For instance, the use of FWD requires prior knowledge of pavement thickness, which is obtained independently from GPR.
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The unjacketed bulk modulus of sandstone, Ks′, is often considered to be equal to the bulk modulus of quartz, the main mineral which forms it. However, preliminary tests and some other works show that for Berea sandstone this assumption might be violated. Three different types of laboratory experiments were
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University of Minnesota M.S. thesis. March 2012. Major: Civil Engineering. Advisor: Professor Joseph F. Labuz. 1 computer file (PDF); iv, 67 pages.
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Abstract Evaluation of mode I fracture characteristics, such as critical opening displacement and process-zone length, is fundamental for the analysis and prediction of crack growth. To identify deformation with micron-scale resolution, experiments were performed using digital image correlation, where displacement is determined through a comparison of a pair of digital images by matching a small area from the image before deformation to the image after deformation. The matching process uses a cr...
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Abstract The paper describes the consequences of progressive damage in architectural high performance concrete when exposed to different heating treatments. Specimens were tested for uniaxial compressive, direct, and indirect tensile strengths at ambient conditions approximately one day after the exposure to the high temperature. Modifications in the microstructure, porosity, and pore size distribution of the fire deteriorated specimens were identified using scanning electron microscopy and merc...
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AbstractAn electronic speckle pattern interferometry (ESPI) system, which delivers high-resolution displacement data from fringes that are formed by the subtraction of laser speckle patterns, was constructed to study fracture initiation in a quasi-brittle material. Mode I opening and Mixed-Mode I and II fracture experiments were performed with a homogeneous, fine-grained (0.1–0.8 mm grain size) sandstone using the three-point bending test. Specimens were notched at various lengths and positions ...
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Department of Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota; Minnesota Department of Transportation
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The project supported graduate students working on experimental and numerical modeling of rock fracture, with the following objectives: (a) perform laboratory testing of fluid-saturated rock; (b) develop predictive models for simulation of fracture; and (c) establish educational frameworks for geologic sequestration issues related to rock fracture. These objectives were achieved through (i) using a novel apparatus to produce faulting in a fluid-saturated rock; (ii) modeling fracture with a bound...
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List of Symbols a (m 1)/(m ? 1) b 1/(m ? 1) c Cohesion C0 Uniaxial compressive strength m (1 ? sin /)/(1 sin /) S0 Inherent shear strength (cohesion) T Uniaxial tensile strength T0 Theoretical MC uniaxial tensile strength / Angle of internal friction l = tan / Coefficient of internal friction r Normal stress on plane s Shear stress on plane r1, r2, r3 Principal stresses, with no regard to order rI, rII, rIII Major, intermediate, minor principal stresses rm (rI ? rIII)/2 sm (rI rIII)/2 rI * C0 mT...
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