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The objective of the research was to investigate the use of acoustic emission to analyze the microstructural phenomena of damage and the corresponding macroscopic behavior in asphalt mixtures tested at low temperature. An acoustic emission system with eight channels of recording was used to monitor the specimens tested in creep and in strength testing. The source location and the AE event count were used to illustrate the relationship between the micro damage and macroscopic behavior for the two...
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The objective of this project was to provide a qualitative assessment of the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Intelligent Compaction (IC) Specifications. IC is an attractive approach to evaluate the compaction quality because it involves continuous and instantaneous evaluation of the soil through machine-drive power or drum vibration monitoring. Four construction sites utilizing IC were visited: (1) TH 36 in North St. Paul, involving both granular and nongranular soils; (2) US 10 in Stap...
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Plane strain compression tests were performed on Berea sandstone to investigate the mechanisms involved in the development and propagation of a shear band. Thin sections for optical microscopy and digital photographs were prepared by injecting blue-colored epoxy into failed specimens, where deformation localized and softening occurred. The digital image contained three parameters, R, B, and G, that defined the color of each pixel. The intensity of the R channel consistently differentiated the bl...
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A pile-supported embankment constructed on TH 241 near St. Michael, Minnesota was instrumented with 48 sensors, including strain gages on the piles and on the geogrid, as well as earth pressure cells and settlement systems near the base of the embankment. Pile-supported embankments are relatively novel structures employed largely at bridge approaches and highway expansions where soft soils would otherwise lead to unacceptably large differential settlements. The structure typically consists of a ...
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Uniform axial deformation is a basic assumption in element testing, where axial strain typically is determined from displacement measurements. In applying force through rigid platens, however, some rotation may occur such that the fundamental stress field is perturbed. Thus, nonuniformity among measures of axial displacement may be present, and the response may consist of a component due to uniform deformation and a component due to rotation. To estimate this nonuniformity for cylindrical specim...
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The objective of this project was to develop an efficient and accurate algorithm for the back analysis of pavement conditions measured by ground penetrating radar (GPR). In particular, more reliable information about the thickness of the asphalt concrete (AC) layer and the dielectric constants of the AC and base layers were obtained from the electromagnetic field measurements performed on roads using GPR. A brief introduction to the existing methodology for interpreting GPR images is reviewed, a...
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The objective of the project was to outline best practices for the selection of asphalt pavement recycling techniques from the many choices that are available. The report specifically examines cold-in-place recycling (CIR), plain full depth reclamation (FDR), and mill & overlay (MO (2) pavement condition survey; and (3) structural adequacy evaluation. Furthermore, a step-by-step checklist was developed to provide local engineers with a simple and useful tool to follow the decision procedures. Th...
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