Tsvetelina M. Petrova-Gotova
Sofia Medical University
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#1Tsvetelina M. Petrova-Gotova (Sofia Medical University)
#2Rumyana T. Yaneva (Sofia Medical University)
Hospital sector is a key element of healthcare system. High expectations are set to the hospitals and rely on the provision of highly professional and vital medical services, which is why their resource and financial security should be a priority in national policies and interests. There has been a recent increase in scientific and political interest in hospitals, not only as health facilities, but also as a major socio-economic and manufacturing factor. Hospitals play an important role in refor...
While European governments finance about three-fourths of its expenses for healthcare with public resources, in Bulgaria the portion of private expenses for healthcare is stably high and has had a tendency of increase during the past two centuries. Direct payment of households for certain health services, medicaments, and supplies, occupies significant part of private expenses.
In the article are presented and analyzed the main economic indicators of hospitals’ activity in Sofia region for the period 2010 – 2012. The author formulates recommendations on optimizing the organization and management of activities and the financial resources of the reviewed hospitals. An important feature of effective hospital management is the style and resource thinking of the health manager. Achieving efficiency in the operation of the hospital requires an adequate approach by the hospit...
The Public health is a part of the social policy of the state, and it is based on the state's economy. The purpose of this article is to make a brief overview of some of the key indicators, affecting the state of the Public health. Macroeconomic situation in Bulgaria is characterized by a gradual economic recovery and growth in gross domestic product, relatively low inflation and conservative fiscal policy. Social and demographic situation, the labor market and income levels are factors that als...